Sunday, August 13, 2006

Color of blood is the same ... crimson ...


The reason that i didn't post any new topic is not that i didn't have anything new to write about, it's actually the other way round! I had so much that couldn't decide on what to write! First, there was this Pondicherry trip which gave me a truck load of stuff to write about and then back in here itself had so much to tell everyone.

I watched a few movies last night. I must admit that the most distressing thing that i've ever wathched was CRASH. This movie juddered my soul!!! For those of you who have not seen it yet(i do recomment it for all), let me give a quick review. The movie talks about how racism and discrimination has got so deep down in our society and our hearts that it's sometimes impossible to do away with it even if you feel it's unfair to judge anyone on the basis of how the mirror reflects their physical being. It talks about the guilt associated with all acts of atrocities on people of dark skin by people of (supposedly)dark instincts!!! It explains how such a discrimination is not just hampering the growth of the dark but also how it is eating into the society of the non-colored.

I happened to read a very good book last week, Freakonomics(by Steven D. Levitt). Of the many things that it talks about(and some pretty freakish indeed), there is also the issue of associating the "black community" with crime in general. Before i start to say anything that makes me the next target of some young-liberalist-with-an-AK 47 let me tell you that i'm a man who respects the power and will of the Almighty and i feel that all mankind(and even the not so 'kind men') have a right to put forth their views and do what their mind and heart tells them to(as long as it does not harm any other life physically or emotionally). I feel that the issue of racism has it's roots in the formation of mankind itself! There are biological reasons to support my views as well. It has been proved that in order to get a better generation the mating partners tend to choose the most healthy organism. There is no doubt that color playes a major role in it, making the choice easier in most of the cases, as it is easy to recognize an unhealthy white person than an unhealthy black (wo)man. This by no means implies that black people are not healthy, in fact most of the atheletes winning gold medals in games are black. It only means that black can sometimes give a deceptive appearence. Regarding the crime rate and it's correlation with any specific color is highly hypothetical and could be misleading as well. This is because the fact remains that the black community still continues to be underprivilaged and thus is more prone to crime(either as a victim or the other way round which is the case most often brough to discussion tables).

I just hope all this ends someday and that day comes fast enough!!! But, on the face of it i feel that it would require not just wars and terror and blood. It would require a deliberate effort on part of every individual to be able to bring about a change in the current society.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Pondicherry...need help !

I'm planing a trip to pondicherry next week. Does anyone have some good suggessions for me. I have already been there 2 more times and have seen all that an outsider usually looks out for. So, this time i need to go and look around for some stuff like places of historical importance or places/people that have been lately forgotten.

I read some special things about pondicherry in a book by Yann Martel, The Life Of Pie, can i do some research over that? Just tell me anything that i can do over there. I'll have ample time and resources.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Friendship day !!!

To all my friends and their friends ... happy friendship day ...

Friday, August 04, 2006



Had a great dream last night! Which also made it quite clear that dreams are totally illogical . I dreamt that i was sailing around India in a special boat(which somehow changed its size depending on my own requirements), and in my voyage i found the route to be discontinous with an obstuction of about 20feet in my way.

Dont know what more to say or what to ask. This is what i saw and this is what i thus report!!!



How long can we hide?

I share a notion with most of other people like me on this planet, the notion that i have nourished with reasoning since i got the sense capable of doing that. It is the notion of safety. One of my biggest beliefs is that i will live to see the next day. That is how i plan my life(i'm sure that goes for each one of you). Ever imagined how life would be in a situation when you are not sure of the next moment, let alone the next day. It would be a feeling that grips up each time we wake up from a real bad dream.

The generation that i'm growing up with(i feel that i'm still growing up!) is one for whom MATRIX is one of the best movies that they have watched. How long will we be sleeping in our cocoons? When will we shake off our slumber and start to realize that things are not as blissful as they look like? Is not the time ripe? Are we not delaying things a bit too long?

For me(like many others around the world) life would remain quite the same the next day. People will get murdered near-by but i will always have the luxury of commenting on the events. I will always escape the grind. I will always have a spectator's view of the arena(though i may not always enjoy what i see, but nevertheless i will only be a spectator!).It's time now that things changed. Let's try to do something, something as humble as opening our eyes to see the world that is transforming right in front of us!