Friday, September 22, 2006



On Sunday, 24th September '06, Honourable President of India is visiting the SASTRA Deemed University, Thanjavur campus. HE will interact with the students and flag off a number of new courses in the University.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The American Me !

I was having my favorite chocolate ice-cream when an insect crawled onto the back of my neck and in an amusingly curious way took a bite of my tanned cervix as I digged into the frozen ice-cream.

Then and there my long held belief regarding those 'harmless' creatures underwent a metamorphosis and the truth that came out of it was startling! What happened to the insect is stuff that must be discussed in horror shows and biology classes, but what happened to me should be discussed here. I deliberately started rubbing the bite spot and caused it to become so sore that I could write about it and give my hands and minds occupation and people a reason to hate all insects!

I commit no crime rather I have created what is know to the world as "acquaintance with the issues of importance". I have made people like you realize that tiny insects can be associated with such big phenomenon that can make talk of an informed society!


Monday, September 18, 2006


The SASTRA, Deemed University raised the standards in FESTEMBER 2006 and won the event with a huge margin over other participating colleges. The spirit of victory was celebrated with the better team winning from among a host of teams, giving stiff competition in all events. Kumar Varun, SOURAV BHATTACHARYA and POURUSH CHOWDHARY from SASTRA were the star of the event, scoring maximum points for their college.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Expectations ran high in the crowd and all became live! The reason was obvious, SILK ROUTE was coming to the town for the first time. Without going into making predictions of how the others felt, let me tell you that I'm an ardent fan of this particular band(read 'their songs') and had high hopes when I bought the tickets (for me and a friend that I draged along with me, who has trouble understanding hindi, so you can well imagine the situation).

As much as I love their songs, I hate them now !They came late and put us through so much trouble that I'll think twice before going to another concert.In place of them we had another band. This group set a new example of it's kind today! Without exagerating let me state the whole affair with saying just this >> The concert hall was emptied saying that the sound system had to be tested (I still can't think why it was not possible to test the sound with people inside!). The people who had all gathered to have a nice evening went through the inconvenience of vacating their seats and moving out of the hall. Now, the anticipated band entered the stage and while the anxious crowd waited outside, they started practicing inside and were loud enough to be heard outside (why in heavens name did I buy the tickets!). A near stampede situation was created near the enterence of the hall, and they were still practicing inside!!! When they were through with all that they had to sing/perform in the show, the gates were thrown open for the public (who were somehow still eager to get inside and hear the same stuff again!).

Thus, frustated and greatly moved by the pathetic condition of our bands of national and local fame, I started moving towards my college and behold, I got music when I least wanted wanted it! Right there in the bus, blaring at my tender, sleepy and thoroughly annoyed ears! Our nation needs basic traning in civic sense!

Even right now when I write this blog, I'm given a treat(ment) of loud and painful music. My friend Nikhil says often, "Music without life is like life without music!" How true, yet how much I want this "life" to stop dead before me right now so that I can do the things that make the life more meaninful in a better way!



It can be good to be an animal sometimes! 'coz we all are indeed animals, we eat, sleep, hoard, reproduce and then we die. so wat makes us special ? is it the fact that we are thinking beings or coz we can think that most of us are not capable of thinking like a human at all !!!

I can tell u one thing for sure, we can smile! no animal can smile(i've never heard of any animal smiling). we can feel not just pain and hurt but we can feel happiness, there can be times when we can afford to be happy(like a child), for no reason at all!

But then there are reasons why i feel that i would have been better off as an animal! i could have roamed about the world without clothes and been normal about it ! i could have had the privilage of easing myself at the place and time that i wanted to! i could have made love without making friends or enemies! and i could have been true to myself.

Had i not been a human and a student of engineering i would have loved d idea of being an animal sometimes but not now! i know that i have a responsibility to carry out a crusade to pursue against backwardness and have a zealous work to develop the society that i live in. that's my work as an engineer and engineers are no animals !!!

Friday, September 08, 2006



I watched the new release LAGE RAHO MUNNA BHAI last night. The movie was a delight to say the least. The script was illuminated by the new concept which has taken over the Indian masses, that of the power of media.

More than the Gandhiji's influence was the influence of the good-at-heart Munna-Bhai!
But, nevertheless, the movie tries to do something different. It tries to show that the age-old concepts of ahimsa and gandhiwad still hold true and can actually be potent enough to provide a solution to a problem.

The first thing that came to my mind after watching that movie was --> "Is it really possible in the modern world ?" Its been more than 20 hours now and I'm still without an answer!!!

Thursday, September 07, 2006



blogcamp @ Chennai

For the first time in India, the blog community has come up with an event of its kind. It should be a "BLOGGER'S PARADISE", with most of the mainstream bloggers of the Indian arena joining hands to make this occasion count as a success. For more details check out this link more_info

Tuesday, September 05, 2006



Hacking!!! This word has started to become more of a phenomenon now in my college. The moment a student enters the technical institute his thought process is somehow channeled into hacks and intrusions into systems. How exactly that happens and why is stuff to be analysed by experts. But it is driving me crazy!

This is a generation inspired by NEOs of the virtual world. There are many who are trapped inside the virtual world and in fact feel liberated when they soar high in the paradigm of the artificial.

When the efforts of the world are guided towards making the machines think like a human, our fresh generation is engaging into becoming one of the machines.