Sunday, September 17, 2006


It can be good to be an animal sometimes! 'coz we all are indeed animals, we eat, sleep, hoard, reproduce and then we die. so wat makes us special ? is it the fact that we are thinking beings or coz we can think that most of us are not capable of thinking like a human at all !!!

I can tell u one thing for sure, we can smile! no animal can smile(i've never heard of any animal smiling). we can feel not just pain and hurt but we can feel happiness, there can be times when we can afford to be happy(like a child), for no reason at all!

But then there are reasons why i feel that i would have been better off as an animal! i could have roamed about the world without clothes and been normal about it ! i could have had the privilage of easing myself at the place and time that i wanted to! i could have made love without making friends or enemies! and i could have been true to myself.

Had i not been a human and a student of engineering i would have loved d idea of being an animal sometimes but not now! i know that i have a responsibility to carry out a crusade to pursue against backwardness and have a zealous work to develop the society that i live in. that's my work as an engineer and engineers are no animals !!!

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