Monday, September 18, 2006


The SASTRA, Deemed University raised the standards in FESTEMBER 2006 and won the event with a huge margin over other participating colleges. The spirit of victory was celebrated with the better team winning from among a host of teams, giving stiff competition in all events. Kumar Varun, SOURAV BHATTACHARYA and POURUSH CHOWDHARY from SASTRA were the star of the event, scoring maximum points for their college.

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pourush said...

thank u varun!!..thnk u for evrything!!..
nbdy has seen him closer than me all this while..n boy isnt he a jem!!..
the guyz 3 seconds fatser than me in dumbc(n i do silently boast of my speed in the same)..
the guyz a level(many mayb) abov each one of us in quizzing..i was supposd to b embarased by the fact tht all i was doin was sitting like an idiot while he gave all the answers..funny thing, i wasnt!!..i jus cudnt help laughing!!..i never got to touch the mike!!..screw u dammit!!..
bt therez also raghuvansh..u hav to give it to him..the guy won all solo events..n boy wasnt he in company of sum competition!!..u both rock!!..