Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The American Me !

I was having my favorite chocolate ice-cream when an insect crawled onto the back of my neck and in an amusingly curious way took a bite of my tanned cervix as I digged into the frozen ice-cream.

Then and there my long held belief regarding those 'harmless' creatures underwent a metamorphosis and the truth that came out of it was startling! What happened to the insect is stuff that must be discussed in horror shows and biology classes, but what happened to me should be discussed here. I deliberately started rubbing the bite spot and caused it to become so sore that I could write about it and give my hands and minds occupation and people a reason to hate all insects!

I commit no crime rather I have created what is know to the world as "acquaintance with the issues of importance". I have made people like you realize that tiny insects can be associated with such big phenomenon that can make talk of an informed society!


1 comment:

pourush said...

the white man's burden, revisited..
thts a cute way u put it pj..vry well recieved n understood..
n the irony is, there r sum red ants in his pyjamas too, n he knows it..they believ hez nt gonna hurt 'em as they r out jus for a stroll..bt the manz got his hand rite abov them, waitin for the oppurtune moment..
wonder what india wud seem like, in a scenario like tht..