Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pyar ke Side Effect


Whenever celebrities are asked about love, I wonder how each one of them come up with different definitions. And when I ask the same question to my friends pat comes the reply – “It’s something that can’t be explained, you need to experience it”.
Anyways let me not try to frame my own definition here, instead I will put forward a few experiences and observations. I notice couples who initially used to hate each other now leading a good life together. There are couples who used to call each other “just friends” and are now looking forward for ways to convince they parents for marriage. There are couples who supposedly have falling in love at first sight, and I really wonder how?? Coz I have been sighting for 23 years and I am yet to find an apt girl for myself.
Another interesting thing is the mushy things that most people are upto. I needn’t explain it here; people are getting more and more innovative and coming up with new things to impress their beloved. Even sometimes you can have a good laugh to note some unnecessary or build up reasons they use to meet each other and spend time together.
But something that pains me the most as a young Indian is not that I don’t have a girlfriend like most other guys of my age, it’s rather the feeling and depression that some people get into post “betrayals” or breakups”. A few hours back I got a call from my sister that a student from her college committed suicide because of extreme disappointment and despair.
I understand that’s it’s a tough situation for any person and it takes time to forget moments which you would otherwise cherish. To neglect or ignore a person who means more than anyone else in your life is a real test. Some of them tend to understand the difficulties to carry forward the relation and tend to cope up with the challenges; taking help of parents, friends or relatives. But sadly few people take the extreme step and end up in taking their own life or their beloved’s life.
Of late the cases of suicide and murders because of the same are on the rise and we are not doing much to protect these dishearten. We can take a leaf out of Bangladesh’s efforts to combat similar problems in their country. Bangladesh’s biggest University, the Dhaka University has appointed psychiatrists for all its 17 dormitories, to counsel students who are frustrated or betrayed in their relationships. Even Bangladesh is facing an increasing tread of suicides and attempts to take lives by jilted lovers.
We must realise the fact that, we Indian are yet to recognise counselling as an effective tool for help and reap benefits out of it. Psychiatrists are still considered as someone for the mentally retarded. This could be one of the few things we can learn from the Americans, they are the ones to take maximum helps from psychiatrists and make the best of it.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Singh is Kinng or Sin is Kinng

I remember the moment the trust vote results were declared exactly a week back. I was exhilarated for the fact that we could avoid a premature general election and all the costs and politics associated with it.
My gtalk status message read “Singh (Manmohan) is Kinng; Ayes – 275 Nays – 256”
Now look at the situation 7 days hence, all our cities are under threat. Red alert everywhere. Around 25 bomb blasts in two different cities on two consecutive days. Killing around 50 people and injuring over hundred. A score of live bombs detected and defused at Surat.
And finally our news channels got something to sell, flashing breaking news – counting the number of blasts, the number of casualties, views from various political parties and then a prediction poll - which city could be the next target and what not. They try out different logics and act as detectives and come out items which can scare the public even more.
But if you focus on the real life situation of the public at large, it’s almost a state of panic. The situation is so bad that we can’t even trust a person; every one is looking at each other with suspicion. Fear and distrust is filled in the eyes of all. Can’t move out freely, there is no place where you can bet that you are safe. Every time a member of the family goes out on work, all the others pray for his safe return. My mother and grandmother refuse to trust anyone other than the Almighty.
So at this moment I can tolerate the usual complains I have had like bad roads, delayed monsoon, corruption, pollution, population and what not, but what I believe more important that this stage is a little confidence that we have a system in place which can fight out such inhuman acts and ensure a peaceful life to all..

Flooded with Shahid ...


So, whats the hottest thing these days ?

It's got to be Shahid Kapoor. Things may not be working great for him on the personal front or in the matters of love but sure he remains the sweetheart of all the gals. The desperate guys are all trying to modify their looks to flatter the 'Shahid seeking' gals (or even boys ... psss). This above picture for instance has a beautiful (and potentially the owner of a gold-mine-profile) gal's scrapbook flooded with scraps from 'Shahid'. Ah ... poor females, they don't have much choice I guess. ;)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

What’s this symbol?


Can you explain what the picture depicts?

1. A guy trying to woo a gal by falling on her feet ?? (I wonder what sort of gal would like this)
2. A guy trying to help a gal pickup a dropped credit card ?? (I don’t think he needs to be in that posture for the same)
3. A guy caught stealing credit card ?? (Possible, the lady seems to have canned him till the let it out)
4. A kid showing his financial success to his mother ?? (Here the guy doesn’t look too happy which he otherwise should have been..)
5. A guy trying to bribe ?? (These days one needn’t bow so low to do offer money)
6. A student paying fines to his teacher for all his wrong doings ?? (Its paying fine by credit cards too modern a concept)
7. A person devoting all his materialistic gains to the goddess ?? (I guess temples, mosques, gurudwaras and churches are yet to introduce swipe donations)

To find the correct answer just type “international symbol for marriage” in google and search for images.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Bangalore blasts, inhuman act


Men become great not just by carefully avoiding disastrous situations but by reacting in the right spirit when faced by one. The same is true for the greatest manifestation of a group of people --- a nation.
When terror strikes, when buildings are burnt down, people killed, children orphaned, the surviver of the attack have a much bigger responsibility than hurling blames on one another. A person who commits a crime is a criminal, and only that. It is a shame to qualify a criminal as a muslim/hindu/christian/sikh/etc. It is wrong to glorify the life and acts of such individuals by associating them with such great religions.
When bombs are hurled at places of worship or when people are massacred in cold blood on the streets filled with cries of babies dying and women being raped or when innocent commuters become victims of death traps in railway stations, the person behind these acts has already steered away from being human and hence unworthy of belonging to any religion of the world. The muslim who joins the forces of terror in no longer a muslim, the hindu who brings down national heritages in no longer a hindu, the sikh who loses his patience and commits a crime has lost confidence in Guru Granth Saheb.
Criminals should never be identified with religious leaders/followers. A worshiper of arms/murder/impatience knows only pagan worship and is a criminal of humanity.

PS: The incidents like the Bangalore blasts that took place today are heinous acts done by individuals and groups living on the brinks of the civilized world. The people involved in such crimes are a disgrace to humanity. Such individuals/groups do not belong to any religion of the world.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

This is not Niagara Falls..


We all complain about our roads especially in rainy season they go from bad to worse. We have created new express ways, flyovers, but then the problems like water logging and drainage remains.

We are now weeks away from the beginning of yet another celebration of sportsmanship, the Olympics. Hosted by our dear neighbours, China, the games this year promise to be bigger and better than the previous one.

But hold on, the construction work related to the Olympic stadium is acting as a severe loss for BMC, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation.
BMC is in charge of the city's civic maintenance - responsible mainly for the building and maintenance of roads, streets and flyovers, water purification and supply, hospitals, street lighting, maintenance of parks and open spaces, sewage treatment and disposal etc. Every year Mumbai comes to a standstill during the monsoon and all the Mumbaikars blame the BMC for not taking necessary action to combact water logging.

But this year BMC came up with an excuse which struck me the most.They claim that organised gangs are now operating in areas like Kurla, Bandra, Mankhurd, and parts of Byculla to systematically steal the manhole covers. Over 1,500 covers seem to be stolen in the past few months- each costing around Rs 5500 (USD 128) in the grey market.
The demand for iron ore is at its all time high and the grey markets are operating at their best. The Chinese demand is not only resulting in thefts in Mumbai but also in parts of Europe and America.

BMC reports that earlier they used to buy these cover for Rs 3500 (USD 82) but now the prices have touched as the Rs 5500 mark. So as an immediate step to tackle the open threat to all passers who accidently walk or drive into them, the civic authorities are now looking to buy ductile-iron covers, which have a lower scrap value than the current the cast iron covers.

So while China is building up huge infrastructure, its not just leaving a competition for us but also a negative impact on the existing systems in place.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Your vote counts


The recent political drama is just over. Nuclear deal or no deal, we wont at least have to share the burden of another premature general elections. And I'm personally happy to see that India is not going to have 'Behenji' as a PM, at least not now. I've written on a few posts on CnC sometime back that she is a 'good CM' for Uttar Pradesh and when I say this I also keep in mind that the choices that UP has other that Ms. Mayawati are people like Mulayam Singh. But as a PM, I don't think she has the charisma, charm or that-strong-an-opinion to represent our great nation, especially in the current world political scenario when the whole world is looking up to us.
We need dynamic people who are well-read, educated, honest and are capable to do good to India and her people. Many of us cannot be such people because we are too involved in our own lives, we're too busy making money, too busy fighting for our own niche in the society (trying to get a good salary, a good wife, a good house, a good locality (city) to live in, a good car on a good road). What we tend to forget so often is the fact that these 'goods' will never exist in a bad country. Surprisingly, to change the state of affairs we don't have to be superhuman, we don't have to act against the will of our parents or change our lives in a drastic way, we just have to do a simple thing, VOTE FOR A SENSIBLE PERSON. The least that we can do to save this nation is to cast a vote for a person who is politically upright and morally correct. Before casting a vote (which each one of us should cast) we just have to do a simple check on the candidate and vote for a person with a good will. And if we can make the people around us do the same, we've done a great deal of good for the nation.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Keep the roads clean please


Civil laws should be same country wide. How does it make any sense when you would be fined in one city for spitting on the streets while in another you’re free to spray the ‘pan’, you were chewing on the bus, on the people moving on bikes and bicycles.
Spitting on the roads is a sign of disrespect towards everything that one can hold dear in life. Roads are not just streaks of land that take you from one place to another, they are connections that lead into our lives as we live it. Road and the transport system of any land is an indication of the prosperity and technological advancements. The first thing that anyone entering a new city looks at is how comfortably the city is connected to its neighbors. Keeping the roads clean is a necessity. I know it sounds lame to say such an obvious thing but the fact is that there are people who don't quite understand even this basic idea.