Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Singh is Kinng or Sin is Kinng

I remember the moment the trust vote results were declared exactly a week back. I was exhilarated for the fact that we could avoid a premature general election and all the costs and politics associated with it.
My gtalk status message read “Singh (Manmohan) is Kinng; Ayes – 275 Nays – 256”
Now look at the situation 7 days hence, all our cities are under threat. Red alert everywhere. Around 25 bomb blasts in two different cities on two consecutive days. Killing around 50 people and injuring over hundred. A score of live bombs detected and defused at Surat.
And finally our news channels got something to sell, flashing breaking news – counting the number of blasts, the number of casualties, views from various political parties and then a prediction poll - which city could be the next target and what not. They try out different logics and act as detectives and come out items which can scare the public even more.
But if you focus on the real life situation of the public at large, it’s almost a state of panic. The situation is so bad that we can’t even trust a person; every one is looking at each other with suspicion. Fear and distrust is filled in the eyes of all. Can’t move out freely, there is no place where you can bet that you are safe. Every time a member of the family goes out on work, all the others pray for his safe return. My mother and grandmother refuse to trust anyone other than the Almighty.
So at this moment I can tolerate the usual complains I have had like bad roads, delayed monsoon, corruption, pollution, population and what not, but what I believe more important that this stage is a little confidence that we have a system in place which can fight out such inhuman acts and ensure a peaceful life to all..

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