Saturday, July 26, 2008

What’s this symbol?

Can you explain what the picture depicts?

1. A guy trying to woo a gal by falling on her feet ?? (I wonder what sort of gal would like this)
2. A guy trying to help a gal pickup a dropped credit card ?? (I don’t think he needs to be in that posture for the same)
3. A guy caught stealing credit card ?? (Possible, the lady seems to have canned him till the let it out)
4. A kid showing his financial success to his mother ?? (Here the guy doesn’t look too happy which he otherwise should have been..)
5. A guy trying to bribe ?? (These days one needn’t bow so low to do offer money)
6. A student paying fines to his teacher for all his wrong doings ?? (Its paying fine by credit cards too modern a concept)
7. A person devoting all his materialistic gains to the goddess ?? (I guess temples, mosques, gurudwaras and churches are yet to introduce swipe donations)

To find the correct answer just type “international symbol for marriage” in google and search for images.

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