Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pyar ke Side Effect

Whenever celebrities are asked about love, I wonder how each one of them come up with different definitions. And when I ask the same question to my friends pat comes the reply – “It’s something that can’t be explained, you need to experience it”.
Anyways let me not try to frame my own definition here, instead I will put forward a few experiences and observations. I notice couples who initially used to hate each other now leading a good life together. There are couples who used to call each other “just friends” and are now looking forward for ways to convince they parents for marriage. There are couples who supposedly have falling in love at first sight, and I really wonder how?? Coz I have been sighting for 23 years and I am yet to find an apt girl for myself.
Another interesting thing is the mushy things that most people are upto. I needn’t explain it here; people are getting more and more innovative and coming up with new things to impress their beloved. Even sometimes you can have a good laugh to note some unnecessary or build up reasons they use to meet each other and spend time together.
But something that pains me the most as a young Indian is not that I don’t have a girlfriend like most other guys of my age, it’s rather the feeling and depression that some people get into post “betrayals” or breakups”. A few hours back I got a call from my sister that a student from her college committed suicide because of extreme disappointment and despair.
I understand that’s it’s a tough situation for any person and it takes time to forget moments which you would otherwise cherish. To neglect or ignore a person who means more than anyone else in your life is a real test. Some of them tend to understand the difficulties to carry forward the relation and tend to cope up with the challenges; taking help of parents, friends or relatives. But sadly few people take the extreme step and end up in taking their own life or their beloved’s life.
Of late the cases of suicide and murders because of the same are on the rise and we are not doing much to protect these dishearten. We can take a leaf out of Bangladesh’s efforts to combat similar problems in their country. Bangladesh’s biggest University, the Dhaka University has appointed psychiatrists for all its 17 dormitories, to counsel students who are frustrated or betrayed in their relationships. Even Bangladesh is facing an increasing tread of suicides and attempts to take lives by jilted lovers.
We must realise the fact that, we Indian are yet to recognise counselling as an effective tool for help and reap benefits out of it. Psychiatrists are still considered as someone for the mentally retarded. This could be one of the few things we can learn from the Americans, they are the ones to take maximum helps from psychiatrists and make the best of it.


Anonymous said...

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Rafeez said...

the major fact why psychiatrists are less in our country is...students and parents and even school teachers aren't considering psychiatrists as a profession...they just focus much on engineering,business and general medical studies...but not much on this field...!!!

Harsha said...

true... bt then as a management student i tend to agree with the demand-supply theory. Unfortunately we dont have any demnd fr psychiatrists and thus very naturally we dont have many takers for this profession. Same was the case with many other streams until late.. So times ahead, i believe even this would change and we would also use proper treatment to all our problems..