Sunday, October 29, 2006

Of luck and its ways ...

well, i've never had that feeling that luck was not on my side!!! all i did got its proper rewards and i never complained. but, lately (from last night to be specific) i've lost all my charms, all i'm planning to do is turning out to be a disaster!
I tried booking the tickets for my journey and the train(which is the most important one on its route) got cancelled. I ordered my fav stuff in the food joint and it got over right then... loads of other examples tell me that i've lost all my luck now ... God is the only saviour now ... I've watched just my luck almost 25 times now; could this all be its effect ??? I'm confused and defeated...

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Diwali "gifts"

Happy Diwali to all my wellwishers!

It is a very miserable condition that I'm in right

now. I'm sure that all of you have at some point of time in your life, been in the miserable condition

that I'm in these days. I'm surrrounded by people who forget to return things and I have a very bad

memory! It's not that those people take away things with immoral intentions; all are angels in the

true sense, but it's me who needs a better memory.

Recently, I have discovered that there are

infact a lot of stuff that has gone missing from my possession; stuff that I gave away myself to

people in need and now when I'm in need both partys involved in the transaction have forgotten


The things that I do remember, I list down here, in chronological order of them being taken

away from me-

  • CD R/W (taken along with a movie; neither have come back)

  • LAN wire (5m in length; I borrowed it from a friend myself)

  • Permanent marker (blue ink)


    1. The city of falling angels

    2. Illusions

    3. Blink

    4. Animal Farm

    5. The life of Pie

  • Umbrella (of a rather offensive color)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I got ready for a function. Put on a very decent attire, which usually is missing in my outlook. Sat down to eat in the mess. A gentleman was seated beside me. I was absorbed in the mental preparation of my speech when he suddenly decided to get up. I normally don't eat much before I go on to the stage. This gentleman realised this fact that I was not being fair with my appetite and decided to help me out with it. In his hurry, he sprinkled my neat self with the leftovers on his plate. I tried to dodge this shower of kindness in matrix style but could not save myself. Now, this polite and concerned man took time out of his busy schedule and acctually said sorry. What more could I say ? While I was still bemused as to how this angel had said sorry for such a petty thing, like some heavenly wonder that he was, he disappeared.

This is not an isolated event. I have many such angels around me ! People who like to empty the whole can of milk for themselves, those who fight over a couple of bananas or a cup of ice-cream. How can I ever tell them that what they are doing may be divine for their souls but is a snob on the face of the entire society and is as inhuman as farting can be when they are waiting in a movie theatre for their favorite star.

Such people are handicaps! Much like a blind must not be called a blind, such people should not be called handicaps. Moreover, if it is a physical handicap we may aid the person by prosthetic means but such mental handicaps should not even be insulted lest they become desolate and sink down finding out how miserable a being they are!!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Of banans and dying men ...


I'm stuffing myself up with bananas that Nikhil refuses to have. I just want to get over with them because its adding to my overloaded self (shopping can be a very hectic job). The dead man on the footpath is just a passing thought. He died of hunger we argued. How foolish, he could beg, borrow or do just about anything to save his life! But, he preferred to die!

The bananas are still tasting sweet and filling, as they always do. I'm not GAUTAMA. I'm not selfish but i'm not a saint !!! When I do find time to look at the situation, I'm baffled at my own sardonic stance at the dead-man-on-the-street. I watched eagerly when the policeman jabbed his 'danda' at the face of the fly ridden face of the man who dared to die in his area of patrol. Had he an iota of life clinging on to his tattered body, it was clearly driven out by this 'polite action of this caring policeman'. Now, one would never expect a policeman to touch the nerves of this carcass with a tender touch of a nurse. No, I dont want the policemen to be such tender in their actions, I just want them to be HUMANE. Is it such a big ask? Perhaps the whole system needs an overhaul. How about having a Fisrt-Aid training program for the policemen to start with ???