Saturday, October 21, 2006

Diwali "gifts"

Happy Diwali to all my wellwishers!

It is a very miserable condition that I'm in right

now. I'm sure that all of you have at some point of time in your life, been in the miserable condition

that I'm in these days. I'm surrrounded by people who forget to return things and I have a very bad

memory! It's not that those people take away things with immoral intentions; all are angels in the

true sense, but it's me who needs a better memory.

Recently, I have discovered that there are

infact a lot of stuff that has gone missing from my possession; stuff that I gave away myself to

people in need and now when I'm in need both partys involved in the transaction have forgotten


The things that I do remember, I list down here, in chronological order of them being taken

away from me-

  • CD R/W (taken along with a movie; neither have come back)

  • LAN wire (5m in length; I borrowed it from a friend myself)

  • Permanent marker (blue ink)


    1. The city of falling angels

    2. Illusions

    3. Blink

    4. Animal Farm

    5. The life of Pie

  • Umbrella (of a rather offensive color)


pourush said...

Calculator..its me!!..yup, all the way..blame it on me..tht friggin rat in my room hid it somewhere..the hunt is on..don wrry..

Prasoon Joshi said...