Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Jai Jai Money


I : There are a few thougts which are disturbing me and that i want to discuss.
Me : What...Tell me

I : Why are you working or doing job ??
Me : To make money , To keep myself busy , To learn something meaningful, Self-satisfraction..bla bla. Actual thing is 'Jai Jai Money'

I : But what will you do with this money ??
Me : I can get things of my necessity and luxury.

I : Then what ??
Me : I will enjoy my life comfortably.These things will make my life easy.I will fulfill all my desires.

I : But there is no end to desires and comfort ?? So, your chase will go on ??
Me : May for money to get easy life..tat is also interesting

I : Easy life will make you happy and is this is the only solution ??
Me : Ofcourse

I : But there are many others who are not in this race and dont have easy life but are still happy.
Me : Who ??

I : Take example of Buddha.He renounced all luxuries and became sanyasi
Me : Hey differs from person to person..its individual perspective

I : But dont you think that avarice is root of evils ??
Me : Ya..i have heard about it

I : And is it money only that gives satisfraction ??
Me : Money is the symbol of power. It shows your worth.Your Manager is earning more than you because he is much experienced and have more knowledge.

I : My manager- ha ha ha..
Me : It was just an example.Money has power and its you who is going to control that power.Power in good hands is blessing otherwise disaster.

I : But if a person is satisfied with the things he possess and doesnt run for will be in peace
Me : Probability is good. But without that chase everything will come to a hault..there will be no competition, no invention,no development.

I : But whats the use of inventions and development..if we dont have peace !!
Me : Actually ,its not money which is root of evils it is... {{tring}} {{tring }} "Hello"...Excuse me.I will return in a minute.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Though Successful but Criticized !!


Take a break.Keep aside politics,philosphy,business,economy....Lets take a look at Indian Celeberities.Though Successful but Criticized...


Goddess or just Hyped ???As an actress,only few of her movies recieved wide acclaim.She had been in controversy with Salman khan,Vivek Oberoi.And is knocked for marrying Abhishek Bachchan..bcoz of influence of Bachchan family on film industry and politics.(However,she is my personal favourite :-) )


Things worth noting about him is his adenoidal voice and his bent for repeating everything, from phrases to words to syllables to monosyllables.One thing is to be appreciated, he is always in lime light, whether it is his cap,nasal singing,mallika,music,acting etc. he know how get attention


She succeeded in surviving in Bollywood and Indian media by her anticsHer comment: “Mein ek bharatiyan nari hun … mein gaal pe kiss allow kar sakti hu, lips pe nahin” (I am an Indian woman. I can allow a kiss on the cheeks but not on my lips) is quite popularThings to her fame- few item songs,Mika and the kiss,big boss,some C-grade movies...Kofee with Karan and now a Dance Show


Has potential, but a little too arrogant, which would be fine if she actually won something. The perfect poster child: young, good looking woman ? The woman who will catalyse the tennis' popularity in India? Or will she be more a consistent winner on the world stage, a top ten ranker on a regular basis?


Mallika Sherawat (Reema Lamba in Rohtak) Indian actress and model has a degree in philosphy from Delhi University Today,She is considered as the Sex symbol of India. She is well known for her kisses and outspoken bold statements


His flops are more than his hit movies.Forget that....there are only a few movies in which he had acted well.Had been in news because of his marriage with Aishwarya Rai and relationship with Karishma Kapoor.Biggest asset ,his father Amitabh bachchan"He is the best actor after late Raj Kapoor. He has recently been appointed visiting professor at Harvard" - are right,it is 1st April.


As actress,there is nothing much to tell about her.The only thing to her claim is her success in Big BrotherOther things are - publicity stunt about Richard Gere kissing her,mafia links, obscenity chargesAfter receiving an honorary doctorate from Leeds Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom, Dr Shilpa Shetty recently receive the 'Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award',just bcoz she won 'Big brother'...

Whatever,they are famous,successful and have brought laurels to the nation (not applicable to all of them )

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Om Shanti Om ... sheer delight !!!


What is a movie ? If you are one of those people who can have a very regular and strict answer for this question then "Om Shanti Om" in not meant for you !!!
If it is only entertainment that you are seeking, if you just want to go to a nice theatre with your family, girlfriend, boyfriend, sisters, brothers to get amused for 3 or so hours then OSO is just the right movie that you would want to watch. I liked the movie, and if you ask me why I liked it I may be able to tell you just this, "I liked it cuz I liked it !!!" It is very difficult to categorize this one into one of the genres. I think its one of the very few times that we can call it a real 'hatke movie'. The best thing about a movie is the entry of the big names, heros, heroines, villans and this movie had such entries many many times (thanks to Zeek for this one). Each time the star enters the scene you look at him/her with awe. The sets are very rich and colorfull. Excellent camera work and art direction.
At no point of time you would feel that the scene is overdone though all the scenes are very much overdone. Extra emotion, extra comedy, extra melodrama, extra funda, everything is extra yet you would not squirm in your seat and complain because the cast of the movie and the director makes sure that you totally understand that this scene is overdone as much as they do.
For all of us who love filmfare awards nights or the star studded parties, this movie is a real delight. A number of stars right in front of you, having a good time while making sure you have a smile on your face all the time.
If this movie is taken to an alien audience it would fail miserably. One should not expect a very thought provoking insights into the human understanding of things from this movie. It is a fun movie and that is the best thing about it. It is for that audience which has grown with Bollywood, an audience which knows that a guy with his face covered with his hands is invariably Mr. Manoj Kumar, an audience which appreciates the stubbornly pathetic dance of Mr. Dharmendre, an audience which feels sorry when Sharukh's most beautiful co-stars (the likes of Rani Mukherjee, Preeti Zinta, Manisha Kohirala, Kajol) dance with him in the movie in the same song but Madhuri is missing.
If you think that you can get some clue about the story, plot of the movie then I should tell you (and please dont get dissapointed) that there is basically no story. The moment you enter the theatre you would know the story and also the movie is based and inspired by Karz or more correctly inspired by an old movie 'Madhumita' with the king Khan's inpiration Dileep Kumar (hmmm ... did anyone say that he is actually his dad in real life ?)in Sharukh's role.
Well, all said and done, just go out and you will surely have a great time watching the movie. Especially watch out for a song with the industry's who's who giving a guest appearance.
Till I see another movie and you get to read about it ... Om Shanti Om ...

(Almost forgot: There are some other things to watch out for like Sharukh's six pack, Deepika Padukone ... she's hot and sizzling, Farah Khan's special way of saying thanks to all the people involved in the movie, very special and well-done editing and mixing, ... ah there is so much to watch out for, dont sit here reading the stupid review go watch it !!!!)
And yeah, awesome publicity, it made the movie what it is ... phew ... there's so much to say about the movie (though there is actually nothing in the movie, a classic example of the fact that all we really want is to just be happy and that's exactly what this movie does to you).
And also, Shreyas Talpade has done a good job as always. Arjun Rampal has a larger than life presence on-screen.

Thursday, November 08, 2007



Happy Diwali to all my readers. Today I read a blog from an 'old Allahabadi' about the diwali celebrations during his times in Allahabad. I was gripped with nostalgia; reading about all the 'old' stuff was really great. I remember when I was a small kid (in 1990s) Diwali used to be a lot more fun (and really, really long). For the last 4 years I have not been able to be at home during Diwali and the future doesnt seem very promising either. A lot has changed about Diwali from when I was a small kid to now. Its the evening before Diwali and I am here, sitting in my room writing a blog ! This is one of the rare occasions of life when the comfort of the room seems to feel so bad. Had it been like the olden days, I would have been out with my friends dancing, shouting, bursting crakers, celebrating! Earlier, Diwali meant a number of holidays, mischief, masti, sweets, people, troubling my sister when she was busy decorating small corners of our home, getting punished by maa, getting white-washed (on the clothes I mean) and what not. An overdose of all of these.
Now, things are different. Sadly, its not just because I've grown up; even for little children the meaning of Diwali is starting to change. Change is good, we need more and more computer scientists and nuclear technologists. And change is inevitable. I dont want to sound pessimistic and say that all this change is our celebration patters is bad, I just wish to remind you that a lot has changed and we are forgetting very fast. Happiness and celebration has got a totally different meaning now. Kids are maturing very fast, we have prodigies now in every street and each street is losing its innocense.
Sadly, there is nothing wrong with this change. And we all are "loving it" (as the popular slogan for McD goes)!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Dil Dosti Etc ... Jab We Met !!!


Its been sometime since I reviewed a movie here at CnC. This is partly because, first I've not been writing much here (my apologies) and secondly because I've not seen many movies worth a review (good or bad) lately. I guess its time now that I wrote about two movies that I've seen over the month.
First one is Dil Dosti Etc, a Manish Tiwari film. So, here are the facts.

  • The songs are very few and not all that impressive.

  • The cast does not have any big shot star.

  • The (relatively) new comers have done a good job.

  • The theme of the movie is interesting, to say the least.

The story revolves around this wierd guy (who happens to be Nassiruddin Shah's son in real life) Apoorva, who is from a rich family of Delhi and against his parents' wishes joins a college in DU. He wants to explore those nooks of life that dont seem to be very obvious all the time to an average person. How the life of a prostitute in a brothel may be is a subject which off-beat film makers or non-conventional novelists or some freak journalists may try to find out; the 'normal' man can only ignore this section of society as if this dark side of us never existed (some philosophers belive though that prostitution is the oldest occupation!). The other important character is this Bihari student leader (played by Shreyas Talpade) who is driven by his own values and principles and like all the people of small villages with big dreams, wants to make a very big impact on the society. Elections in the college campus mean power; power to control, power to flaunt and power to relish. At the same time we have Apoorva, trying to find love in places where the word may not hold any significance. Love in a brothel has no meaning. It is a place which may rightly be called the black-hole of the society where the ordinary laws of the society do not hold. Love from a brothel, sex from a school going, 'homely' girl and in the process finding answers to some lingering questions of a young mind; these are the challenges Apoorva faces. Sanjay Mishra (the student leader) tries to balance his life between a life where his princiles and values propell him to power and a girl who is of a free thought (to the extent that ... hmmm if I tell you the extent I would be spoiling your experience) and belongs to a modern world in which Sanjay is not comfortable. But, this is the girl he loves and the girl (though utterly confused about it) loves him.
The movie is rich with deep, thought provoking dialogues and situations. I would recommend you this movie. Watch it when you have a lot of time to analyse the movie after it ends!!! It doesnt mean that you have to take it as an art movie or a docu but there are things to understand and things to ponder on. I give full marks to Dil Dosti Etc.
Now, lets talk about a light movie that I watched in the afternoon today. Its called "Jab We Met". (I know quite a strange name). The movie is ok, considering that you have two actors in the lead who really cant act much, Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor. Both have done well because Kareena plays an eccentric girl who just cant keep her mouth shut (she is actually shown talking to just about any stranger; she speaks even when she's sleeping!!!), which I think she is always known to be in personal life. And Shahid plays a cute, rich guy who doesnt know how to talk much with people except for business. Both meet in a train, Shahid has been dumped by his girl and Kareena is making eloping plans with some nutty guy who comes into picture only towards the end (which is so good for the movie). This girl who just cant stop talking drags Shahid into trouble and both are pushed into some embarressing situations (which are shown to be love building occasions in flashback towards the end). There is really not much of a story in this movie to tell you about. It is a very light movie which is the best thing about it. Some of the scenes are funny, some fail to impress. Overall, an ok movie to go for if you have enough time on your hands and nothing important like going for a walk with your dog to do. (I liked the ending though, it was something unexpected, atleast the execution was a surprise).
My suggestion is that you go for an afternoon show of "Jab We Met" and after an early dinner watch "Dil Dosti Etc" and then sleep over it trying to figure out what you really want from your life. Happy watching.