Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Though Successful but Criticized !!

Take a break.Keep aside politics,philosphy,business,economy....Lets take a look at Indian Celeberities.Though Successful but Criticized...


Goddess or just Hyped ???As an actress,only few of her movies recieved wide acclaim.She had been in controversy with Salman khan,Vivek Oberoi.And is knocked for marrying Abhishek Bachchan..bcoz of influence of Bachchan family on film industry and politics.(However,she is my personal favourite :-) )


Things worth noting about him is his adenoidal voice and his bent for repeating everything, from phrases to words to syllables to monosyllables.One thing is to be appreciated, he is always in lime light, whether it is his cap,nasal singing,mallika,music,acting etc. he know how get attention


She succeeded in surviving in Bollywood and Indian media by her anticsHer comment: “Mein ek bharatiyan nari hun … mein gaal pe kiss allow kar sakti hu, lips pe nahin” (I am an Indian woman. I can allow a kiss on the cheeks but not on my lips) is quite popularThings to her fame- few item songs,Mika and the kiss,big boss,some C-grade movies...Kofee with Karan and now a Dance Show


Has potential, but a little too arrogant, which would be fine if she actually won something. The perfect poster child: young, good looking woman ? The woman who will catalyse the tennis' popularity in India? Or will she be more a consistent winner on the world stage, a top ten ranker on a regular basis?


Mallika Sherawat (Reema Lamba in Rohtak) Indian actress and model has a degree in philosphy from Delhi University Today,She is considered as the Sex symbol of India. She is well known for her kisses and outspoken bold statements


His flops are more than his hit movies.Forget that....there are only a few movies in which he had acted well.Had been in news because of his marriage with Aishwarya Rai and relationship with Karishma Kapoor.Biggest asset ,his father Amitabh bachchan"He is the best actor after late Raj Kapoor. He has recently been appointed visiting professor at Harvard" - Ya...you are right,it is 1st April.


As actress,there is nothing much to tell about her.The only thing to her claim is her success in Big BrotherOther things are - publicity stunt about Richard Gere kissing her,mafia links, obscenity chargesAfter receiving an honorary doctorate from Leeds Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom, Dr Shilpa Shetty recently receive the 'Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award',just bcoz she won 'Big brother'...

Whatever,they are famous,successful and have brought laurels to the nation (not applicable to all of them )

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