Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Jai Jai Money

I : There are a few thougts which are disturbing me and that i want to discuss.
Me : What...Tell me

I : Why are you working or doing job ??
Me : To make money , To keep myself busy , To learn something meaningful, Self-satisfraction..bla bla. Actual thing is 'Jai Jai Money'

I : But what will you do with this money ??
Me : I can get things of my necessity and luxury.

I : Then what ??
Me : I will enjoy my life comfortably.These things will make my life easy.I will fulfill all my desires.

I : But there is no end to desires and comfort ?? So, your chase will go on ??
Me : May for money to get easy life..tat is also interesting

I : Easy life will make you happy and is this is the only solution ??
Me : Ofcourse

I : But there are many others who are not in this race and dont have easy life but are still happy.
Me : Who ??

I : Take example of Buddha.He renounced all luxuries and became sanyasi
Me : Hey differs from person to person..its individual perspective

I : But dont you think that avarice is root of evils ??
Me : Ya..i have heard about it

I : And is it money only that gives satisfraction ??
Me : Money is the symbol of power. It shows your worth.Your Manager is earning more than you because he is much experienced and have more knowledge.

I : My manager- ha ha ha..
Me : It was just an example.Money has power and its you who is going to control that power.Power in good hands is blessing otherwise disaster.

I : But if a person is satisfied with the things he possess and doesnt run for will be in peace
Me : Probability is good. But without that chase everything will come to a hault..there will be no competition, no invention,no development.

I : But whats the use of inventions and development..if we dont have peace !!
Me : Actually ,its not money which is root of evils it is... {{tring}} {{tring }} "Hello"...Excuse me.I will return in a minute.

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