Sunday, December 30, 2007

A soul died in Pakistan ...

Bhutto died. She was a good leader.
Power is world's most addictive thing. Its hard not to do something that may not be totally right when one is possesed by power. The funny thing about power is that like all other things that we come across in our life (which are not too good), power, its acquisition and the desire to have it knows no limits. The limits to all other things are infact defined by the new set of 'limits' defined by power. What is even funnier is that most of the things that we want power for are things that we do to make sure that the power doesnt leave us. This is where the evil cirle comes into play. This is when Benazeers die. This is when a country mourns. This is when a soul escapes into the heaven while another soul dies.

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