Saturday, November 10, 2007

Om Shanti Om ... sheer delight !!!

What is a movie ? If you are one of those people who can have a very regular and strict answer for this question then "Om Shanti Om" in not meant for you !!!
If it is only entertainment that you are seeking, if you just want to go to a nice theatre with your family, girlfriend, boyfriend, sisters, brothers to get amused for 3 or so hours then OSO is just the right movie that you would want to watch. I liked the movie, and if you ask me why I liked it I may be able to tell you just this, "I liked it cuz I liked it !!!" It is very difficult to categorize this one into one of the genres. I think its one of the very few times that we can call it a real 'hatke movie'. The best thing about a movie is the entry of the big names, heros, heroines, villans and this movie had such entries many many times (thanks to Zeek for this one). Each time the star enters the scene you look at him/her with awe. The sets are very rich and colorfull. Excellent camera work and art direction.
At no point of time you would feel that the scene is overdone though all the scenes are very much overdone. Extra emotion, extra comedy, extra melodrama, extra funda, everything is extra yet you would not squirm in your seat and complain because the cast of the movie and the director makes sure that you totally understand that this scene is overdone as much as they do.
For all of us who love filmfare awards nights or the star studded parties, this movie is a real delight. A number of stars right in front of you, having a good time while making sure you have a smile on your face all the time.
If this movie is taken to an alien audience it would fail miserably. One should not expect a very thought provoking insights into the human understanding of things from this movie. It is a fun movie and that is the best thing about it. It is for that audience which has grown with Bollywood, an audience which knows that a guy with his face covered with his hands is invariably Mr. Manoj Kumar, an audience which appreciates the stubbornly pathetic dance of Mr. Dharmendre, an audience which feels sorry when Sharukh's most beautiful co-stars (the likes of Rani Mukherjee, Preeti Zinta, Manisha Kohirala, Kajol) dance with him in the movie in the same song but Madhuri is missing.
If you think that you can get some clue about the story, plot of the movie then I should tell you (and please dont get dissapointed) that there is basically no story. The moment you enter the theatre you would know the story and also the movie is based and inspired by Karz or more correctly inspired by an old movie 'Madhumita' with the king Khan's inpiration Dileep Kumar (hmmm ... did anyone say that he is actually his dad in real life ?)in Sharukh's role.
Well, all said and done, just go out and you will surely have a great time watching the movie. Especially watch out for a song with the industry's who's who giving a guest appearance.
Till I see another movie and you get to read about it ... Om Shanti Om ...

(Almost forgot: There are some other things to watch out for like Sharukh's six pack, Deepika Padukone ... she's hot and sizzling, Farah Khan's special way of saying thanks to all the people involved in the movie, very special and well-done editing and mixing, ... ah there is so much to watch out for, dont sit here reading the stupid review go watch it !!!!)
And yeah, awesome publicity, it made the movie what it is ... phew ... there's so much to say about the movie (though there is actually nothing in the movie, a classic example of the fact that all we really want is to just be happy and that's exactly what this movie does to you).
And also, Shreyas Talpade has done a good job as always. Arjun Rampal has a larger than life presence on-screen.


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Mudit said...

Nice masala movie !! Several times better than Sawaariya