Saturday, July 05, 2008

Keep the roads clean please

Civil laws should be same country wide. How does it make any sense when you would be fined in one city for spitting on the streets while in another you’re free to spray the ‘pan’, you were chewing on the bus, on the people moving on bikes and bicycles.
Spitting on the roads is a sign of disrespect towards everything that one can hold dear in life. Roads are not just streaks of land that take you from one place to another, they are connections that lead into our lives as we live it. Road and the transport system of any land is an indication of the prosperity and technological advancements. The first thing that anyone entering a new city looks at is how comfortably the city is connected to its neighbors. Keeping the roads clean is a necessity. I know it sounds lame to say such an obvious thing but the fact is that there are people who don't quite understand even this basic idea.

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