Monday, June 30, 2008

Killer hookah

Hookah is fast becoming the 'in' thing in the metro cities of the subcontinent. Most of the 'happening' places have a 'hookah joint'. Gloomy interiors and an ambience which the people of the fast metro lanes crave for so much. And a 'friendly smoke' which many believe does not harm like its kin, the regular cigarette.

Well, the reality is far more shocking than this innocent video. The fact that a 'hookah smoke' can kill you 100times faster than a cigarette is a fact not known by many girls and boys who frequent these places and consider it a 'cool' place to hang out. The pain of diseases like cancer is so subtly hidden behind those refreshing fruity flavors that many joints even allow minors an entry inside the dark doors. The extent to which hookah smoke can harm you is still being researched but for now it is clear that it is dangerous to smoke hookah.

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