Monday, June 02, 2008

Money ... and more money ...

IPL is finally over. What entertainment. What surprises. What money! So, what’s on TV now? For starters, ‘DUS KA DUM’! Sallu bhai doing the small screen debut in this ‘biggest game show ever’! The ‘biggest’ thing about this ‘big’ show is the prize money, a staggering 10 crore INR. Here are some comparisons now. The winning check of the IPL trophy was 4.8 crore INR, the runners up got 2.4 crore. And we are talking about hard work and a lot of sweat, years of dedicated perseverance while on the other hand we have a housewife who’s most outrageous efforts ever has been the sms that she perhaps sent to some lousy number to win a trip to the show that promises to showcase questions that would be challenging and winning will not be easy. It is in fact very difficult to predict the percentage of Indians who slept during their first night, or the percentage of some other crazy set of people doing or not doing something which was till now kept inside the Indian closet.
The expectations are huge from this show. Money would naturally flow, at least in the first few weeks. Will Salman be able to bring in the kind of magic that AB did into the small screen is yet to be seen but excitement is high. We’re all ready to embrace the ‘dum’ of money. Who would not, especially when its to the tune of 100,000,000.

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