Thursday, June 19, 2008

Charity begins at home Mr Thakre

This is definitely the most depressing news I have ever come across. And I’m not just depressed, I’m actually rather furious. Mr. Bal Thakre announces in the Shiv Sena mouth piece, Saamna, that “Hindus should form a terror squad and suicide bombing squads to protect themselves …” (or to kill the non-Hindu citizens of India, or perhaps non-Maratha? Who knows?)
This comes at a time when there in unrest in the nation with respect to the rising oil prices, soaring inflation and the ever lurking terror attacks from ‘outside’ the country. Also, this comes at the time of yet another general election round the corner, but this fact would mostly be ignored by the ‘innocent’ people who would want to spice up their life by forming a terror group to attack the unarmed at various places of worship, markets, etc. or ransack, not the rich, politically influential members of the society, but those poor shopkeepers who would dare to open their shops on the day of some ‘bandh’ so that they can feed their children at home (impoverished, even after the government has announced so many ‘mid-day meal’ programs around the country).
What is more surprising is the fact that while the workmen of these monuments of hate would either die, be put in the jail or would be forced to live a life of misery after thus throwing away their youth towards the call of power hungry politicians, the real architects would be invited to talk shows on popular TV programs during prime time and would be honored on every occasion of ‘national integration’. The CBI tries to spy on emails sent by individuals sitting in desolate corners of the country’s towns and villages for a hint of terror, but such ‘grand announcements’ pass away unnoticed (no wonder the CBI and other agencies are busy solving the ‘biggest murder mystery of India’ since so many weeks now). The government has taken to a voluntary sleep considering the nearing general elections and the pulse of Maharashtra. BJP, the mighty opposition party, is sadly an ally of Shiv Sena, so they could only manage a half-mute press release from Mr. Vankaaiya Naidu, trying to keep a safe distance from the controversy (I wish it does raise some eyebrows and becomes a huge controversy).
I’m a Hindu. I’ve been proud of the calm and non-violent character of my race. With the changing times some ‘revolutionaries’ think that this centuries of patience should be ripped off from the culture we are so proud of. I would say, ‘charity begins at home’.
Please suggest, comment and support this notion. Don’t let democracy pass away so silently while we’re busy watching ‘pappu can’t dance saala’.


Harish said...

very true pj... such revolutionares must be ripped off frm our country..

Matangi Mawley said...

hey.. this is my first visit to this blog.. u write well..

on u'r post-

i think mr. thakrey has made a wonderful statement.. i completely agree with him!

And, I suggest that to prove his conviction , he should throw the first few Human Bombs, made up of himself and his family members…The grateful Hindus will certainly worship his statues…

Prasoon Joshi said...

hmmm ... well, hope he does that soon, i'l start rearing pigeons n crows ;)
thnx for the visit btw, hope i make u come back again ;)

laksh said...

Fanatics like Mr. Thackeray are one of the reasons why our country is still "developing"...if all u wanna do is destroy, when'll u start building!???...

Gr8 post yaar, hope this doesnt go in vain...there must be many others sharing the same attitude towards d outrageous "suggestion"...We r not fanatics or even jingoists!!!... n we sure are not going to ever be a part of a "hindu fidayeen" group or have an Osama bin laden of our own, b'cuz thats just not "HINDU"!!!