Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bravo Rahul

The above picture, as is seen, is the first advertisement to attract young talent to join Infosys. Over 1000 young minds got attracted to this fledgling company’s ad and some 16 were short-listed and joined Infosys. The rest, as they say, is history.
Now back to something that hit the news very recently. Rahul Gandhi, the future command of the Congress flagship, was quoted in the newspapers saying that he’s scouting the student communities for talented, young politicians. It was also stated that he’s taking personal interviews himself in order to find out future politicians with a flair for the trade. This is a positive thing for Indian politics which has long been plagued by the so called ‘experienced leaders’ who are too lazy to move out of their offices (and office chairs) to step into their constituencies. When the young guns of India are fast replacing the older generation in other affairs like business, science, etc. then why should the most important department of the nation still stall behind? It is very rare that a politician gets noticed before he or she reaches a ripe age (about 50 years). And this when 58% of India is younger than 25 years!
The notion that most ‘oldies’ have is that the new generation, as they call us, is intolerant, rude, uncultured, and is taking the country towards a dark future. Well, let me remind them that what we see today is the result of the things done in the past. The command of the nation, the people sitting behind the desks in government offices, the fame hungry coaches in the field of sports, the judiciary, the police, the man spitting on the streets, the people raping and killing minors, the dowry seekers (who even now are killing their daughter-in-laws), the ‘every second person you see on the streets’ is not the youth of this nation. The youth of this nation is yet to come. The youth of this nation is busy carving a future for themselves and their country. And the fact is that the things that we would do would start to blossom when it is our time to blame our next generation.


Matangi Mawley said...

hmm.. this isn't sme thing new.. political parties like dmk etc., do conduct an interview b4 letting a, say, m.l.a. candidate receive his ticket..
only, there d be only one que: "how much r u ready to pay"?

on mr. gandhi- if i evr get to meet him- i shld like to ask him sme thing.. why would any1 want to five a "personal" interview for entering into a "public" life?? interview is ok if the cantidate is planning to join congress.. if nt- who is he interview sme candidate who wishes to enter politics??

descrying the shadows said...

"Well, let me remind them that what we see today is the result of the things done in the past"

He he thats brilliant .. Y because it is so evident yet it goes unnoticed..

However .. I dont think the problem is with the "OLDIES" running the govt. maybe a little but certainly thats not the main reason ..
The main reason is purely this : "how responsible is an individual? ow determined ? How much of a self restrain can he practice ? I am nt saying tht oldies hv it all .. its blatantly and painfully obvious they dont ... My question is does this 58 % who bribes the rto or uses and agent for his license,passport etc .. worthy as well ?
btw .. its been long ... guess got too involved with markets and inv banks .. ;)