Friday, September 08, 2006


I watched the new release LAGE RAHO MUNNA BHAI last night. The movie was a delight to say the least. The script was illuminated by the new concept which has taken over the Indian masses, that of the power of media.

More than the Gandhiji's influence was the influence of the good-at-heart Munna-Bhai!
But, nevertheless, the movie tries to do something different. It tries to show that the age-old concepts of ahimsa and gandhiwad still hold true and can actually be potent enough to provide a solution to a problem.

The first thing that came to my mind after watching that movie was --> "Is it really possible in the modern world ?" Its been more than 20 hours now and I'm still without an answer!!!


pourush said...

it is so very possible!!..the examples depicted to get the point across, were so practical, werent they..
but, at the same time, i wud ask, do we actually want tht thing down here, right here right now?..the answer is, no..we are so trapped in our own self destructive environment, seldom realising tht it is quick sand, all the way down..
what have u n i, done to make things better?..u have written ur blog, i hav posted my views, in cumplete cohesion to each other's viewpoint..we both realise the world needs a saviour, and he is to be found within each self, but, are we doing nethng to make them realise that?..i am not. If u r, plz roll me in, i wud luv to join u..
gandhigiri rocks, only as far as we want it to..n in the current scheme of things, nobdy wants it, nbdy's even ready for it..

frustrated said...

well i tell ya wat this gandhigiri..n stuff they dont really stand to the present society and people living..haha!!!..actually now we need a change and i think now it "materialism"...dat makes you ,the person world wants you to be,"its "show off" wworld wants you to be..but gandhi giri..forget it..its all gone with the wind..if ya follow this now..then i think u should be ready to get slapped and kicked n pushed to the end each day...coz by then you would have becomeing a looser and wd find urself praising about "the extent u went to follow "gandhi giri"..well thats all i gotta say..what we need to learn from gandhi is to unite people..the way he did in his earlier half....

p.s.--i m still unaware of many things about gandhi..this is jus a reflection of ma thought and short bit of knowledge i possess i think!!!!

pourush said...

ur p.s. says it all chintan..u do hav a limitd knowledge(as u put it)..mayb out of ur own ignorance or ur perception.. mayb u just didnt see the movie the way it was made to be seen..better, u put things into perspective, watch the movie wth a unbiased mindframe, n u'll realise just how practical it really was!!..