Friday, August 04, 2006


How long can we hide?

I share a notion with most of other people like me on this planet, the notion that i have nourished with reasoning since i got the sense capable of doing that. It is the notion of safety. One of my biggest beliefs is that i will live to see the next day. That is how i plan my life(i'm sure that goes for each one of you). Ever imagined how life would be in a situation when you are not sure of the next moment, let alone the next day. It would be a feeling that grips up each time we wake up from a real bad dream.

The generation that i'm growing up with(i feel that i'm still growing up!) is one for whom MATRIX is one of the best movies that they have watched. How long will we be sleeping in our cocoons? When will we shake off our slumber and start to realize that things are not as blissful as they look like? Is not the time ripe? Are we not delaying things a bit too long?

For me(like many others around the world) life would remain quite the same the next day. People will get murdered near-by but i will always have the luxury of commenting on the events. I will always escape the grind. I will always have a spectator's view of the arena(though i may not always enjoy what i see, but nevertheless i will only be a spectator!).It's time now that things changed. Let's try to do something, something as humble as opening our eyes to see the world that is transforming right in front of us!

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