Thursday, July 27, 2006


Its starting to get frustrating now, with no Orkut around for a week now i feel something important is missing, the way i used to miss my girl ! There has always been this problem with their servers. I still dont know how google can have such a problem even after cosidering the fact that Orkut has swollen to such an unimaginable mass!

Its a classic example of quatity Vs quality! Once you start getting more of something you are actually not getting what you wanted in the first place! Consider a perfume with a classic name(which only the elite would be able to pronounce correctly) borrowed from another land, with a stunning ad-line and an irresistable appeal attached with the model in the campaign. What makes it special is to a greater extent its exorbitant price more than anything else! So, when you go to a high-end store to buy such a product, you pay for it being so costly(besides the other obvious qualities like its fragrance, which the other products would have as well). Once such a product gets affordable to a larger mass of people, it starts to slip from the list of 'would love to have' to the list of 'must have at-least one'!

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