Thursday, July 13, 2006

politics(an indian perspective)

i think we need to reconsider our political situation. certain questions need to be answered, questions like-who can be a politician? what should be the rights of a politically associated person, both administratively and socially? should there be a minimum qualification for entering politics? should more and more scientists join the main-stream politics?
well the questions are there for everyone to answer but perhaps i can give my point of view! any person who thinks that he can cope-up with the pressures and resposibilities and benifits of a political life can become a very good politician.
imposing a minimum qualification(academically) to a politician would make it impossible for hard working non-education-exposed people to join the political mainstream and since such are the guys that work at the grass-root level, we may find some really talented people missing from the work force.
i firmly believe that a person who is exposed to science and other studies of logic would find it very hard to keep peace with the ways of the real world, the world of politics! So, it makes sense to let the person do what (s)he does best.

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