Thursday, July 20, 2006

How unfortunate ...

My senses tremble and send shivers down the spine ... a young final year student of my college, (supposedly) plotted and murdered his girlfriend !!! There is a very alien air around now, people who have known each other for ages are feeling an insecure aura engulfing the whole campus.

People, as they often do, are viewing the whole incident as a story which took shape in front of them and endend-up with a supreme climax of some typical tamil movie(read manmadan). I wish to look at it in a different way, from a totally different perspective. What motivates any young mind to take such an extream step(killing someone or ones own self)? Is it the insecurity which is omnipresent or the haste of the generation or just an influence that the media and the cinema cast on the wet wax? I believe that it can be summerised in just one word-patience(or the lack of it). All of us tend to take short-cuts, if a download takes more time we get another ram stick, if the queue is a bit long in the mess we go to the canteen, if there is a lot of coding required we get a floppy!!! How this attitute affects our professional life is totaly different story, but, the consequences of such an attitude on our social life and mental make-up can be devastating!!!

I have trouble with understanding the way the social structure of this place is entwined. There is so much discrimination on the basis of sex that it seems impossible to acknowledge that the fields like education have a fair share of the fair-sex!!! Even in the professional fronts i've found a lot of representation by women, still when a movie star slaps his lady-love on-screen the director is applauded, when a male-chauvinist father dictates his terms on the poor daughter the social architects praise, when an administration bans a healthy interaction between the members of the opposite sex in a work-place people accept it without a frown.

We need to realize that the world is expanding, things that were termed obnoxious in the past are acceptable and approved by the world in-fact a certain level of 'openness' is required(even in sexual matters) to be able to survive in the present world(read the 'AIDS terror')!!! Information is abundant and varied and is right in front of us, how we use it is for us to decide and such decisions make who we would be in future. Stupid ways of parenting and moral-policing are alone responsible for such unfortunate incidents.

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