Monday, July 17, 2006

The indian market space

Today my friend's day went away finding out a way to get through with his motorola and the airtel internet connection via bluetooth. This may seem a very bizare thing to say to anyone but it has higher implications. We are in India and have nokia as the prime brand for any type of a cell-phone, motorola and other brands for that matter have no standing on the Indian market(even though the world space has a completely different story to tell)

This is a very enchanting question for a number of reasons. How did nokia become a name signifying quality when the indians were still in their infancy with the sweet little device? How did we associate other brands with lack of service and foul quality when we knew so little about it?

Perhaps it is a case of reaching to the market first with a product that takes everyone with a surprise!!! I'm sure the congress had such a notion in mind when they brought up Ms. Sonia Gandhi into the political arena! And there it had another advantage of being a 'product' of foreign nature and an Indian appeal!

Let's all hope for someone to tell the Indian public that the 'motorola' can indeed be a good option if we are ready to experiment and break from the spell of the market leaders!!!

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