Saturday, July 15, 2006

We are the makers of big crimes

WE are all responsible for the problems that threaten us at our faces today! There have always been talks of the lax attitude of the security forces of our cities towards crime that happen day and out nowadays. When a small crime (say a petty theft) happens in the neighbourhood all that we say is that it is "very common these days", forgetting the fact that a criminal left free is an invitation to a bigger crime.

Then there is the omnipresent political gunda. If there is a henious crime somewhere near it is mostly true to assume that it would be a politically motivated one or one having a strong political backing.It is in our hands to stop the unfortunate incidents like the Mumbai blasts from happening over and over again! Just keep your eyes and ears open and report even the smallest of crimes to the police, it is there to help us! If your prompt actions are met with apathy just dont stop there, keep churing the wheels till there is some action taken and a proper probe has been made.


pourush said...

quoting salman rushdie(a qoute i fully endorse), 'i dont particularly have a sympathy towards any victim. In some way, its his (read everybody's) ignorance and the fact that he turns a blind eye towards what happens around him that leads to his situation'..
yes, we are the makers of big crimes.

Prasoon Joshi said...

how true !!! i guess what the least can be done is to make ourselves believe that things can be changed. the change starts with the realization that such a change can be brought about!