Monday, July 17, 2006


Life is all about blends! how good the quality of your life is depends on how well the various flavours of your life blend together. in india specially, there are people who can boast of a very successful life based on how churned up their life is! The best examples are ofcourse our beloved politicians.

Consider the not so old case of Mr. Mahajan and his family, the way the destiny unfolded the events was quite close to a tv soap's unpredictable story. but in the end what matters is how one deals with it, how you are able to make people forget(and more importantly, how you yourself are able to forget!) about all the misfortunes and how you are able to construct a fairy-tale ending to the whole affair!

It has often been proved that man has a short memory which somehow lets all the ugly faces evaporate into thin air and makes way for new and refreshing momories, memories of our heros(read political leaders) who are so great that they sacrifice their personal interests to do us good, heros(read movie stars) who bring joy to our sordid lives and a ray of hope through their kind acts and near god like doings, heros(read social reformers) who are always able to find a way to bring quickness into our melancoly life by means of constant agitation.

As long as we have our heros with us there should be no worries and no complains because since we cannot be supermen and krish ourselves our heros shall find a way to make us merry!!! So, until you become a hero yourself, keep up the faith!!!

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