Saturday, July 15, 2006

enlighten your minds!!!

Dr.K S Chari,senior director, dept of IT Govt. Of India, was in my college during the last week. being in touch with such a charismatic and energetic person for such a long time and interacting with him for so long has brought about a transformation in me.(well, great people like him can do that very easily i suppose!).

this has also stirred up a lot of questions in my mind. but the best part of it is that now i think i have the courage and confidence to find a way out of all the junk of questions that keep coming on.

very few people can say that for them the day's work at all days is a 20 hours affair!!! Dr. Chari is one such man.

if you ever get a chance to visit him or attend any of his lectures or seminars just dont miss the chance, it could be your chance to a total awakening!!!

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