Sunday, January 25, 2009

5 girls thrashed by 40 men for consuming alcohol in Mangalore

5 girls having lunch in a pub in Mangalore attacked by 40 hooligans calling themselves part of a self fashioned moral police party named Sri Ram Sena.

They reportedly barged into the pub in the afternoon today and went on a rampage destructing the premises and hitting whoever they could find. Everyone was beaten and the girls were so severely beaten that 2 of them are in a critical condition in a hospital. When I heard this news I logged into orkut to check the kind of reactions the India Community (popularly known as IC) on orkut was reflecting. I was ashamed to find many people either supporting the incident or providing 'reasons' behind the occurrence.
This is not the first time that such a thing has happened in our country. There was the valentine's day terror, the Merut park bashing, the mumbai molestation (the 'reason' given was that the girl was roaming on the streets of mumbai, drunk, at 2:30 in the night; a huge mob molested this poor girl; she is yet to get justice). There are a few things that need to be done right away:

  • Find all the 40 men and punish them in the most severe way possible

  • If there are no strong laws to protect innocent people from such shocking incidents, make them.

  • Make it mandatory for every small party (political or non-political in nature) to register itself and publish all its agendas.

  • Ban the parent parties of all such organisations. (Shiv Sena is believed to be the parent party of Sri Ram Sena).

  • Publish the photos of all the people involved in such incidents in local newspapers and print them in public places like inside buses, etc.

The most shameful aspect of all these episodes is that such things are done in the name of 'The great Indian culture'. Hitting unarmed women black and blue was never part of my Indian culture.

I would not be surprised if the same people who hit these people (and women especially) for consuming alcohol in that particular pub are later found celebrating their 'success' over a mug of beer in the establishment of some doomed leader!


nikhilsindhwani said...

it is sad no doubt... good thing you put this up, i didn know abt the incident... somebody has to teach these bastards a lesson, their brains are clogged with rotting fungi and the fact that there are people who believe them and try to justify cannot be imagined by a my sane mind... moral police my ass...

Anonymous said...

Well, if you have TV, then its all the more disturbing and disgusting to watch the incident. Why do we forget that India is a democratic country? On one hand politicians say its by the people, of the people and for the people. But i guess its just for begging votes. No one has taken any action. Its sad to know such things..remember the molestation done to the poor nun in Kandhamal? it was on the name of religion that time and its culture this time. All because of a waste bunch of politicians..

Harsha said...

well leave the politicians aside, what about us.. we always "TALK", "Criticize", "Curse" and sometimes even "Protest" but then we get back to our busy schedules within coupla days..
We call media the voice of "aam admi" but then if u notice, they are always focused on the commercial aspect of getting "news" rather then stopping acts. If the reporters meant all that they are quoting then why were they busy with their cameras rather than fighting for the innocents.. ??
Even the other people around who were watching such an horrendous act.. If one cant fight then atleast he/she should be smart enough to call more people or call the police..
Its high time that we stop playing this blame game and start "DOING" things.. If politicians cant do it, it police cant do it, it the media cant do it, then LET US DO IT.. whom are we waiting fr??

ruchira said...

yes true.. indian culture never supported beating of women.. y do these ppl forget the culture and become blind followers of the cruel politicians.. indian taliban is germinating guys lets nt allow it to become a plant n den a tree....