Sunday, May 17, 2009

Indian elections: Anticlimax but a perfect result

Most political enthusiasts often look at elections and politics as more than a significant event for their country, its also a source of entertainment for them! This year's general election provided enough 'masala' to the Indian folks. From Varun Gandhi's snobbish comments to Rahul Gandhi's incessant rhetoric that he would not be a PM candidate to Mayawati being touted as a PM candidate to Advani's election campaign on the lines of Obama's, everything was overwhelming. People expected a hung parliament at the best and had already made up their minds to get glued to the TV (there are no movies at the multiplexes anyways!) for the next one week at the least. However, the 'intelligent' Indian voter decided the other way round, gave a very clear mandate to UPA and even in my home the TV is playing 'Dhoom-2' and not CNN-IBN, Aaj Tak or NDTV!
This election result is spectacular in more than one ways. The way in which regional parties have been rooted out, the 'Left' left out, Congress gaining a stronghold in UP, Manmohan favoured over Advani for PM, Lalu wiped out of Bihar, everything has been unexpected and refreshingly pleasing (my personal opinion!).
I captured a few reactions for the readers of CnC, here they are:
Jadhvekar (before the counting began), "... last year the exit polls favoured us and UPA formed a government, we're hoping for the same twist this year ..."
Rajdeep Sardesai, " ... Indian voter seems to be getting far more intelligent than we could ever expect ..."
Some political expert, " ... Samajwadi Party and Congress was more than a one night stand ..."
Shashi Tharoor, " ... Left has to stop attacking other party candidates and start to work ..."
Guha, "...decline of the identity politics in Uttar Pradesh ..."
Someone, "...the Bengali voter always wakes up later..."
BBC correspondent, " ... BJP, the opposition Hindu party, is disappointed ..."
"What's your drink Mr. Patnaik?" "I'm very forgetful ..."
A reporter asked Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, "Madam would Rahul be a minister?" She says, "That is for the PM to decide" and looks at Manmohan Singh who turns the other side as if trying to find someone else who could answer that question!


kris said...

Its not a pleasing one for me at least.... Indian Political League is a big time flop this time around... I feel cheated and deprived of all the actions that follows after the counting......... It was going great before the counting but within four hours of counting the melodrama ends with just few positives . Anyways now i have to just hope that indian premium league(IPL) don't cheat us that way.....

Prasoon Joshi said...

Hi Kris,
IPL has lost all its excitement this time :(
My condolences to all the cricket fans, I guess we needed more innovation in the entertainment department at least!

Akash Gupta said...

This election results have left everyone (at least in my hostel) speechless. we were all gazing towards our monitor screen and were watching the uncontrollable rise. Someone may say "lets hope for the best for our nation PM" , but whats the best , i cannot even decide. what is coming in the next 5 yrs , lets see !!