Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bajaj's Fast Customer Care Service - Unbelievable!

Here's something for the Internet enthusiasts.
I got the delivery for my new bike (it's a Avenger 220, black - a total beauty, trust me!) yesterday in the afternoon from Khivraj Motors, Bangalore. Went around the city comfortably (I mean as comfortable as it can get in the Bangalore traffic in the peak hours) and had absolutely no troubles with the bike. The I was going to meet a friend for a dinner at around 8:30 in the evening when I stopped at a signal for about 2 minutes and since then the bike just didn't start again. I tried everything that I knew but it just didn't budge at all. I had to push start it (it has no kick, just electric start!) and come back home. Not to mention that my dinner was ruined already. Then morning was the same, the bike just didn't start so I called up the showroom people at around 10:00 in the morning and asked them to come home and take a look and I was assured of a quick service.
I waited for an hour and there was no response so I called them again, same assurance and no results. Then in another hour I called them again and the same thing happened. Then I decided to log a complain at the bajaj customer care, which is an online service. I drafter a mail to them explaining the trouble I had with my new bike and the poor service I was getting at the hands of the dealers. Within an hour I got a call from the sales head at Khivraj Motors and I got the attention that I, as a customer, had all the rights to. As I still waited for the service men to come and attend to my bike I got another call from the Bajaj Sales team (seemed like some senior officer/manager from the authority he commanded) with humble assurance and a suggestion to hand over the bike for an overall servicing once again.
To tell you the truth, I did not expect the online complaint submission to be that effective and that fast! Bajaj is on its way folks! I think this was faster than the response time of the best customer centric companies with top of the class CRMs in place. Even Apple was slower in responding with 'Don't hold it that way!' remedy for its iPhone4.
PS: I'm still waiting for the service guy to come to my home though. Some things in India will remain 'cheap n chalu' for a long time I guess :P


Azrin Hazli said...

Ive sent my bike 8 times to yamaha center. They never fixed the problem it had with starting up. From the beginning I asked them to change the battery but they never believed me that the battery was the problem. They always said they fixed the problem but 2-3 days later it wont start. The 6th time I came and caught them in the act charging my battery, even though I sternly told them charging the damn battery wont fix anthing, and that ive tried it already. When I threw a tantrum in the showroom, they told me they'd get a new battery. Later I found out Id have to come another 2 times to settle the warranty. It takes a full afternoon for me to ride there send my bike and come back by a autorickshaw (that never gives me a good price).
And they want me to come some more, after my EIGHT unnecessary visits?


So they changed the battery and ive never had a problem since. ^^

Prasoon Joshi said...

I suggest you try to search for any online complaint form or any customer care service or something similar. Most customer care services have a definite way of tracking the online queries and request/complaints which makes it obligatory for them to serve you better. In my particular case. The Sales Manager, Bangalore, called me personally 3 times. And the Bajaj manager called me twice to make sure everything is fine.
In fact, he's asked me to go to their workshop tomorrow for another round of complete checkup!

Anonymous said...

But then it doesn't hide the appalling levels of quality that Bajaj products display.

Prasoon Joshi said...

Well, this is my first bajaj bike so I'm not sure how bad the bajaj products are (on the roads). That said, I believe in being good to your machine and the machine reverts ... So, if the machine balks I always blame it on poor maintenance!