Saturday, January 27, 2007


I read a blog recently which had something to say about KUMBH MELA at Allahabad. I've seen the ways of the world change over some 2 decades around the KUMBH site and I've seen the MELA change in certain ways as well. But, the thing which never changes is the fact that it still draws in huge crowds who are tied together by their common fath in whatever that land stands for them. A rough estimation says that this year more than 3,00,00,000 people took their ablutions in the holy waters over the period of a month.

I've seen huge heards of people come to KUMBH each year. Heads laiden with heavy luggage (for the whole month). Babies, women, children, elderly ... all move around in one inseparable block. The stories that the bollywood has about lost brothers in the Kumbh are infact true!!! Just one sight at the organized chaos and you would be pulled towards it, being afraid at the same time.

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Nitin Joshi said...

faith, unsurmountable faith...thats what i believe pulls millions of people who brave tough conditions to get a slice of nirvana......(and yes i really believe that the ganges is really sin washer....thats why its so full of filth now!!he he.....)I heard one NDTV news reporter saying that the sadhus have warned the authorities that they would boycott the next kumbh if the condition of the water in the 'holy' ganges is not improved.
i seriously wish they take some drastic measures this time around as the river is lifeline to millions of people.Already they have spent crores on this but the condition of the river water has not improved even by an iota.
(i m thinking of a new movie ...dude teri ganga maili...a remake of earlier raj kapoor version....he he;))
but even after this the kumbh it seems has not lost its charm....
for million of devotees one holy dip is still the gateway to heaven.
Certain things are better left ununderstood......