Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Recently,I went to purchase raiments in bangalore.It was good to see that all brands were offering discount or having sales.But what grasped my attention was hoarding of Koutons.

Koutons,which is a reputed brand, was offering 50% + 40%= 70% discount on its product.I was ,both, happy and surprised to see that .It was a jackpot,the best possible deal.I thought it is efficacy of bangalore,a metropolis.But 70% discount, isn't it too much ?? Is that figure a delusory pleasure ??

Then my friend alerted me to be careful while choosing one because usually there are small defects in the apparels.You need to take heed when you are purchasing there.And also I came to know that in Delhi,it is offering 50% + 50% =75% discount.Moreover,these discounts are not for a stipulted period.These go round the year.
The company must be making profit at the new prices also.Imagine what profit company made,when there is no discount.

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