Friday, September 07, 2007

Self realization - -> "Aham Brahma Asmi "

Religion is what ??
Some set of beliefs and practices held by a group of people which are being followed blindly. Or rules which helps in making society a better place to live.Dont Know !!

Whatever,the ultimate goal of each religion is to spread communal harmony.Community will be happy only if all its individual are happy.So,the solution lies at the individual level,the level of "self".

It has been said

"That life-energy isn't something which can be expressed verbally, yet it is the source of all languages. It is invisible, yet it makes us see. It cannot be known through logic or philosophy, yet the powers of reason and memory spring from it. It is the Self in every single being and experiencing it, realizing it, is our natural dharam"

Most present Gurus narrates Ramayana and Gita.Others stresses on the importance of fasts and charity.
Only a few are showing the path to the peace.How by individual actions one can spread harmony and how to manifest 'Knowledge in Action'.

Rather than bothering about religion,one should be concerned about 'self'."self realization" is very important thing.Once a man realizes this,he is able to differentiate about good and evil which will make him prosper ,his community prosper,his country prosper.

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