Saturday, April 11, 2009

Competition drives innovation for auto rickshaw in Mumbai.

Mumbai is probably the most competitive place to do business. Irrespective of what you do, a million little management principles go into your everyday activity. Time management, priority handling, regular financial checks, advertizing, are part and parcel of every individual. Even a slub dweller knows that survival needs the best utilization of resources and time. Unlike in many other major Indian cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, etc. Mumbai's professional ethics and management are strikingly high. Mumbai has seen sleek business models evolve out of simple things like delivering food 'dabbas' to people who need them (the 'dabba walas', by the way are a six sigma establishment). There is an unsaid, un-documented code of conduct for all business (even the illegal ones) which makes this city a joy to live in (even with the presence of a number of goons and criminals who call themselves the protagonist of the story of Mumbai, the likes of Raj Thakre!).
mumbai auto rickshaw innovative
I came across a few pictures of a particular auto-rikshaw driver (along with his rickshaw!) who has found a way to cut through competition by innovating in the small space and scope that a rickshaw gives you. His is no ordinary rickshaw! If the other rickshaws provide you the usability of a DOS this clearly is very close to a 'Vista'!
mumbai innovative rickshaw driver
A first aid box would catch your attention first (not that you would need it when the ride promises to be so comfortable). A newspaper stand with news in 4 different languages spread across pages of popular dailys offers a splendid time-pass if you get stuck in traffic (which is inevitable for any major city). A small TV engages the customers while they sit comfortably enjoying the breeze blowing from the small fan installed inside the rickshaw! If the breeze of the fan is not able to beat the heat of Mumbai you have tissues that can wipe your brow.25% discount for disabled in auto rickshaw
The 'paint-perfect' rickshaw is clad with interesting quotes but the best one reads, "25% discount for handicap"! ('Only gandhigiri" comes a close second!).

PS: I just wish that as perfect as this appears his meter is working right! (At least in Bangalore its very difficult to find one that shows the right billing.)


Big Elephant said...


Deepika said...

Hey, if you feel B'lore auto rickshaws do not have meters that show the right billing, I do not know what you will feel after seeing Chennai auto rickshaws that do not have a meter only!! :)

Prasoon Joshi said...

@Big Elephant:
Thanks. Don't forget to find out this rickshaw wala when you're in Mumbai next :)

I've heard cases when the commuter was mugged by the auto driver in chennai. Its sad!

Anonymous said...


ps. u have the auto's license-plate number in any of the pics?

no time i return to bombay, i'm hunting this fellow down !


Prasoon Joshi said...

Hey Arayans,
I wish I had the details for you. I got these pics sent to me by a friend on my mail. Will try to get them though :)
Thanks for visiting our blog Arayans :)