Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Man rapes a bitch

man rapes a dog bitch
Perhaps an attempt to make a 7xxx porn movie which leaked out in the news! According to this newspaper, a drunken man molested a bitch (no I'm not using derogatory language, I'm actually talking about a female dog!). While the bitch in the 'spotlight' has become a star for the newspapers in the region, reports say that this shocked animal is refusing food and water since this incident. Not sure if it is because of the man's assault on it or the camera flashes that followed (our media is having a great reach these days!)
On second thoughts, the Indian society is really sex starved. There was an incident a few years back when a 'doodhwala' (milkman) was kept in captivity and raped multiple times by few college going girls in their hostel (a snack wrapper was used as a condom!)


akima said...

Oh My GOd!! End of the World is near!

Anonymous said...

Another Rakhi Sawant and Mika twist.
I guess in this case also Bitch might have seduced Molestor :)

Siddharth Ranjan said...

hahahaha......breaking news!!!!

ruchira said...

yakkkkkkkkkkkkk !!!!!!

this post brings a new dimension (a worst and a dreadful one ) to the idea of movie "matrubhoomi" where a girl is married to 5 brothers and then even her father in law rapes her... Godddd.. !!! Save this earth from maniacs.