Saturday, March 07, 2009

Goli soda is dying :(

goli soda
Pepsi, Coke and others have intruded India to such an extent that they seem almost our own now! I'm not against any MNC, in fact I get my salary from one such MNC in India, but I do tend to get a little nostalgic at times when I find all the smart marketing wiping away our 'old' products. Today was one such moment when I saw 'goli soda' in front of my company's futuristic campus.
goli soda
For those of you who are unaware of what 'goli soda' is, it is carbonated water sold in glass bottles. The USP of 'goli soda' is its unique way of packaging, with a marble acting as a 'cap' to keep all the fizz inside. To 'open' the bottle one has to push the marble aside in a special way to free the water inside. The bottle has a unique design and it is an art to open the bottle without breaking your finger. For Rs. 5 it is one of the best refreshing drink you can have on a sunny day.
The sad thing is that these goli soda vendors and producers are fast disappearing. In urban India it is almost an impossibility to find one. The coming generation may alienate itself from the special flavour of goli soda and lime with masala, unlocked by the famished fingers of the lungi clad vendor if we continue to dance only on 'phoren' songs until another Slumdog Millionaire is made by some 'firangi'!

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Anonymous said...

hey...i totally agree wid dis...even i remember having goli soda for rs 5 at my granny's place(vizag) wen i use to go dere in summers...n dats really a very refreshning drink after hot sunny day..but sad dat now a days v hardly find ne "goli soda".v shud actually b proud of da indian product..da way its packed n da techique dey use is very different dat too very cheap...