Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Jaspal Bhatti comes up with "Recession Party"

After enthralling the audience with his dance moves on Nach Baliye, one of our best-known comedians, Jaspal Bhatti has now decided to contest the elections from Chandigarh. He launched his own ‘Recession Party’ and would only aim to become the Prime Minister.

Some news items had I could collect, from various sources, about his first speech are as follows:
* He first declared that he would not spend a penny on elections and the crowd laughed at him. He immediately clarified that he just meant the spending out of his own pocket.
* Funds from any party that wants to cut their opponents' votes are welcome. Those wants to make pre-poll alliance deals with our party may also fund us.
* Recession fund would be created and those who are still insulated from the heat of recession would be requested to donate. Keeping in mind the world wide recession, our party will not put undue pressure on businessmen, builders and traders to collect the fund forcefully. They can donate us at their will.
* Those who support us now with their sweat, soul and money will be given ample chance to reap the benefits when we come to power.
* I make it clear that I am jumping into politics to beat the recession and improve my own financial health.
* We hope all jobless, out of business and underpaid people will create our solid vote bank.
* People in the past have voted in favour of Sat Pal Jain, Pawan Kumar Bansal and Harmohan Dhawan. I request you to try me once. I assure I won’t be more ineffective than any of them.
* Our Aim: we will create more slums in and around Chandigarh to win the parliamentary and more Oscars as well. The beauty of the city will stand out more shiningly amidst cluster of slums.
* We will not to divide the votes on the basis of caste, creed or religion. Instead we will create a wedge between the foolish and the intellectuals. We do not want the votes of so called intellectuals who after getting victimized in the hands of their leaders support them every time.

The supporters of Recession Party came up with loud cheers and number of slogans like : -

Tauba yeh recession, tauba be-rozgaar
Tera political atteyachaar
Ghar bikwa ke sadak pe la doon
Lakhpati se kangal bana doon
Recession ka nikle yeh dhooan
Seene mein jalti hai armanon ki arthi
Arre paanch saal mein dekho kya hoga
Sonia khele kursi se
Mamta se haath milaye
Maya maya karte sab par
Mayavati haath na aye
Rajnaath aur jaitli jhagre
Advani ko bhukhaar
Tuaba tera ....

Jaspal Bhatti also told the media that their party would soon release their party manifesto although it will only be a customary exercise and the public should not believe in what they say in the document.

I am wondering if our Political System has really become such a joke? or is it just that the man is doing what he does the best ?

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ruchira said...

jaspal bhatti as usual says evrythng crisply n sharply with an additional advantage of laughter .. i giv him my full support :)