Friday, December 22, 2006


I wish to bring an observation to the notice of all. It is neither an opinion nor does it necessarily wishes to mould your opinions in any way.

I was sitting in the waiting room of Chennai's Egmore railway station having nothing else to do and too tired to do anything, this last weakend. I had had a long day and had walked a lot of Chennai trying to find out more about the city; my body had started complaining and my neck demanded a certain motion out of 'Baba Ramdev's lessons' to find its place. The moment I raised my wricking neck I found the most bedated person's picture in front of me in that big hall. Clad in blue and conspicuously decorated with fresh looking fake flowers, he did look like a man commanding the respect that everyone gives him and his ideas for the Indian society.

I panned the whole of the hall smoothly as my newly found doctor-cum-spirutual teacher, Mr.Ramdev, had instructed me to do. Something struck me after completing one full circle! I went again counter-clockwise and was amazed to find out one thing, the picture of the gentleman in blue was the only picture in the whole room! No other national leader (or shall I say, nation builder) found a place on those walls!

What this means is beyond my explainations, would love to get some opinions on that !!!

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