Saturday, December 09, 2006

Students' Politics !!!

It is a troubled times for the people of Uttar Pradesh. The centre would not want to inturrupt in the dilapidating state of affairs in the state because the deteriorating conditions would mean a disgust created for the state government across the state's electorate which could be liquidated to massive vote support in the elections which are round the corner.

For the ruling state government, Samajvadi Party and its allies, its highly difficult to handle the situation without violent protests to which it is extending its full support. The burning of effigies of Lucknow University VC are a clear indication that the state government is going to use muscle power to overcome the crisis situation. Any person with a sane mind and a reasonable insight into the university politics would encourage the decision of the VC to with hold the elections considering the fact that the state government has been continually providing succour to the so-called (and self-proclaimed) student leaders. The ideological and moral assistance has now since some time advanced to making arms available to the students in a bid to silence their opponents. This disturbing fact has infact been justified by the self-styled students benefactors on the pretect that its a necessary measure towards their safety. The pictures of these 'student' leaders quite vocally convey their agendas. While most of them are in their late 30s, none seem to be fit enough to be called a student by any means.

There was a breath of fresh air provided by the Allahabad High Court on the issue of University elections some time back which incorporated some simple measures to ensure free and fair elections in the varsities. The ruling could also be interpreted as guidlines for a near-perfect student organization. The salient features of the ruling included important key points like, contesting students must be under 25 years of age, they must not have criminal records, the total expenditure on the election must be minimal, only hand made posters were allowed, etc.

The student fraternity has never been divided on the issue of elections, all are in support of it. The point of debate has always been the inclusion of goons and hard-core criminals and seasoned politicians in the student election arena under the candid disguise of a 'student leader'. The situation can improve only by the interception of the students themselves but, the big question remains, Who would bell the cat? With more and more of the current generation having a repulsive attitude towards the potent field of politics, it seems fit to question if the situation would ever improve.

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Nitin said...

very true indeed, who will bell the cat!
no rang de basanti would help here..its the hardcore battlefield of student politics(remember the movie haasil!,perfect account of wat student politics is all about in the hindi belt!)

sadly student unions have been reduced to political battlefields, which r used by goons to 'hone their skills' for the bigger arena!!

i guess its high time to clean up the college politics and impose srtrict restrictions!!