Saturday, December 09, 2006


There is need for a committee which would monitor the various news channels that have bloated the TV screens across the nation. The local news channels have made the powerful tool of jounalism another mechanism of advertisement for the people in power. The people behind such news channels have full control over the content of the news that goes out to the people making the whole set-up a mere mockery of the game of power. The news 'items' are properly salted and roasted to suit the local taste which is mostly in search of 'masala' even when it comes to news. In such a senario keeping a proper check on the various local channels is very essential. If there exist monitoring bodies for movies which evaluate the contents of the cinema then having a similar body for news channels is mandatory, since news by its nature is considered to be made up of facts alone and a misreported news report can have disastrous repercussions.

Even more sorry is the state of the national news channels like 'sahara samay'. It has a national reach with reasonable number of viewers across the nation. This particular news channel is bare mouthpiece of the Sahara India Pariwar and all the people associated with it which includes prominent personalities like Mr.Amitabh Bachan. If there was a need for a medium to showcase the special relationship that is shared between the people associated with Sahara, an entertainment channel should have been the appropriate choice. Camouflaging the real incentives under the banner of 'news' is highly irresponsible and is more likely to be an effort to misguide the people.

This environment could lead to unnerving circumstances. Media is a power and all powers must have their restraints.

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Nitin said...

Although i agree that sahara samay is sycophancy at its peak,and localised to its core!!(it will probably open up its versions for each gali mohalla soon in UP and uttaranchal !!) but at the same time i wud not underestimate the role of these channels in bringing us the news and realities of the india which would otherwise have been left unnoticed.(remember imrana, or gudiya or recently the prince episode)its a different story that most of them were forgotten soon....
As far as monitoring is concerned ...i feel it wud b virtually impossible to regulate a medium like news...(too uphill a task)Censorship in news..if thast ur point..then its very critical i guess...i mean where do u draw the line?
but hey, we do have the remote still in our hands , dont we!!