Saturday, December 16, 2006


I landed in Chennai in the morning and looked around for my usual rickshaw ride from Chennai Central to Egmore; heavy bags on my shoulders and a long journey's fatigue in my head and body. I gave up my search after 15 minutes, found no trace of any rickshaw. I prefer the slow moving transport over the faster ones because of certain reasons. First, its a welcome escape from the monotonously irritating drone of the auto-rickshaw and its dangerous speed in heavy traffic. Secondly, its one of the best ways to explore the alien city; you can just roll over the whole place at an observatory pace. Then, there's the social aspect of the ride. Keeping alive the rickshaw helps in reducing the pollution and gives employment for the low-skilled people. I agree that this slow pace is not recommended for the local citizes and busy commuters, this one's for the tourists. All people visiting the city must opt for it over any other transport; after all this is what you are there for, 'seeing places' not running past them.

It was sad for me this time in Chennai; I had to miss my rickshaw ride and board an auto-rickshaw!!!

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