Sunday, July 15, 2007

BEFORE.............. AFTER..........

Of late Indians are becoming increasingly health conscious and are using various techniques to keep themselves fit and in good shape. All major cities are teeming with gyms, health centres, beauty clinics, parlours and spas. People are discussing and trying to implement various methods like yoga, jogging, exercise, rigorous workouts in the gym and then most importantly giving a lot of emphasis on their diet and food habits.
This health and fitness sector is going bullish, forcing many people to give it a serious thought. Everyday other day, the newspapers carry advertizements pertaining to issues like weight loss.
But then have you noticed the common link between all these ads??
They all carry a pair of pics; an ugly one termed "before" and a good one termed "after". Many a times,I have pondered whether they regard people to be so foolish to believe that both the pics are of the same person. But now a recent observation has changed this myth totally.

Pics of adnan 'before' n 'after'

Yes the above two pics are of the same person, the famous singer and music director Adnan Sami. He stands testimony to all those people who think on my lines that it is very much possible to cut the extra adipose and trim down to a healthy body.

Adnan has lost over 100 kilos by participating in a 3 month course at America. He was going good as far his professional life was concerned but then a doctor in London cautioned Adnan's father that Adnan might not be able to live long and that if he did not pay attention to his health ,then he would not be able to survive for more than six months. From then on, Adnan left all his professional commitments behind and went all out to reduce the excess fat in his body.
Now as u might have seen in the videos of this upcoming album. He is almost half his previous size (as he proudly calls it the 'better half'). He lost over 100 kilos and is looking better and a lot fitter.
The same thing applies to many others like Sekhar Suman who has donned a look muscular look and is also into open chest and shirtless acts.
So now with these living examples in front of us, many can aspire to improve upon their physique and get fitter and better..

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