Wednesday, July 04, 2007


It wasn’t long that not many Americans knew about India and the only things the country was associated was with animals and snake charmers.. But thanks to the nuclear tests in 1999, the brain drain and the rise of IT; our country has gained immense popularity in this century. Slowly Yoga, Indian food, and even Bollywood are making their entries into main stream American culture.
But history will be created on July 12th when Hindu prayers will be recited at the opening ceremony of the US Senate. Rajan Zed, a Hindu chaplain has been asked to deliver the prayer for the first time since its inception in 1789. Zed who is busy choosing lines from the Rig Veda, the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita says “July 12 will be an illustrious day for all Americans and a memorable day for Indian Americans when prayers from ancient Hindu scriptures will be read in the great Hall of democracy”.
Isn’t this looking a feel good factor after the recent tough run for the Nuclear Deal and the arguments surrounding docking of USS Nimitz at Chennai..


KAS said...

its gr8 to know that the ever self possesed west is atleast attempting to look eastward.we definitely have come a very long way from being an impoverished state only known for kamasutra and taj mahal to a dynamic economy with a vibrant market.i was extremely happy to find a menion of our own IIFA awards at CNN(there were even clips of ash-abhi,sharukh and bachan).but does all this mean that we are being treated with respect(that we are due) on the international arena(and more specifically by the US)??though i would love to answer this question in affirmitive many striking facts make me think otherwise.if the US really respects our sovereignty then why does it keep dictating us viz-a-viz our foreign policy issues??why is it backing off from the promises that it made on the nuclear deal??why were we forced to vote against Iran at the IAEA which proved very dear for us as our energy starved nation lost billions of Iranian gas.and who the hell is Condolezza Rice to tell us to quit NAM??and even on a daily scale why is it that a white is given preference over an Indian(or any asian for that matter)in a US departmental store?? is this the respect that we are receiving as a nation??
may be i m coming across as a pessimistic person who only highlights the draw backs and ignores the progress that we are making but i think its no use ignoring these signals and being complacent and then repenting at a later stage.the reason for the lack of respect for us is perhaps what my mother always tells me that for others to respect u, u should first respect u r self,ur decisions,ur feelings and ur being bullied by the US into doing a volte-face at the IAEA may be the US is taking us for granted and hence has dared to this extent.i think india should try to be assertive and respect its own decisions only then will be be taken seriously and respected truly.

KAS said...

sorry yaaron apne desh ka sawal hai...iss se chota mein nahi likh sakta......