Sunday, July 08, 2007


"YOU" have been voted by the TIME magazine as 'The Man of the Year'. But, who are 'YOU'?
Well, this may be one of the toughest questions to answer at times.The answer could be multi-fold. It could range from a person's first name, his/her father's name, place on one hand to his/her religion, caste, school, college, academic scores, social status, hobbies on the other. But just think again......... do these include every single thing, which when fudged together help to portray your entire personality?? This aspect surely does need a bit of reconnaissance.
A very important process in understanding one self is the process of self analysis and introspection. But then, who is a better person to judge and rate us?? Is it I- myself or a person who is watching me and knows about me?? I may be a little biased to myself and my ego may come in between while judging myself, but then the other person may not know the real me.. he may be just looking at the 'mask' that I put on when I am with him. We as human beings are governed by a hoard of emotions. Our decisions and actions in response to various circumstances are also dependent on these emotions to a great extent. We are different while at home, while with friends, with teachers, during our profession.. So who can tell us who we really are???
To make these queries simple there is a concept called ’The Jo-Harry window'.
This window points out that there are 4 different facets to the personality of a human being, which are present in every individual. So let's analyze them individually:

SELF : Known
OTHERS : Known

SELF : Known
OTHERS : Unknown

SELF : Unknown
OTHERS : Known

SELF : Unknown
OTHERS : Unknown

  1. Open or Arena: This is an open facet that we put up in public and so we
    know these things about our self and also the people know about us. So
    it's always preferable to be in this facet as much as possible as the
    analysis becomes easier and better and also it reduces the task of
    multiple masking.

  2. Known or Masked Area: These are things about us that are known to us but
    not to others. We deliberately put on a mask and deceive people but our
    conscience knows the

  3. Unknown or Blind Spot: These include the things that we do
    not know about ourself but the others may point out. While
    introspecting ourselves we may not be able to recognise these
    things but others may be able to get to know them through their
    knowledge and interactions with us.

  4. Hidden or Dark Den: These are those things that neither we know nor
    others are able to find out. But, when the situation demands
    they come to the

So every person is a combination of all the above 4 categories. The proportions for each of these categories cannot be set. It varies from person to person. But generally one should try to keep the Arena as the largest chunk and shrink the Masked Area as far as possible. Blind Spot should not be null, because that gives us a chance to know new things about ourselves and our hidden talents come out. Dark Den should be ideally zero but then, we must try doing new and different things to keep a check on all our capabilities and also to understand our hidden potentials and talents.
Now try to carry on self introspections repeatedly keeping in mind the above and taking few feedbacks from people. It will certainly help you know the real you and will help you to become a better person.

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