Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pepsi and Christian missionaries

The marketing and sales strategy of Pepsi co. has always been to project its products in a ‘local’ flavor. In India we have Sachin and his ‘gang’ running around the ground sipping Pepsi and in Pakistan a similar setup with more greenery (the green clad players gulping down the drink). Its interesting to note how the two neighbors are oblivious to the fact that when the two nations are fighting it out on the cricket ground the commercial breaks are inspiring both the nations to cheer for their players by drinking the beverage which has make the players strong enough to beat their arch rivals.
This same marketing practice, interestingly, works marvelously in another area. This is how the message of Jesus is spread in the whole world (and in India). If you visit a temple you would notice that the prayers (mantras, etc.) are all in Sanskrit and the Holy Scriptures written again in the same language which has become indecipherable for most of us (which is a matter of shame indeed, but a fact!). On the contrary, when you attend a mass on a fine Sunday morning in a church you would notice that the people are able to communicate with God in their own mother tongue. The priest would deliver the mass in the local language and offer the prayers in a way which all can understand!!!


descrying the shadows said...

i think modern india will be a more culture and religion devoid country...where people will live by their needs an rarely spend time thinkin about their roots...wat say?

Prasoon Joshi said...

i believe that the values associated with culture, religion and the 'roots' change with time! We may be less cultured than our forefathers as far as thier principals are concerned but we have our own set of values and the decision of right and wrong is a dynamic process. Take for instance the barbaric realities of the by gone days (i watched 'Malena' yesterday, the way the 'cultured' people of Italy insult, humiliate and torture the lady acusing her of illicit behaviour would not be acceptable to the modern society), we are much more humane compared to them. I also have a belief that going back to the individualistic way of living is a rejuvination of the age old principles of 'aham bramasmi' (I am God!!!) ... A society of narscists would be a society closer to God and religion and much more cultured.

Abhimanyu Girotra, Dunbar the Earldom. said...

I understand your sentiments that the vedas and upnishads that are preached by the priests are kind of a bouncer to us, but you have to believe the fact they are not just words, they are powerful expressions, they have the power to peneterate in the mind and spirit of an individual.If today the West is attracted towards the Indian Culture blv me this plays a big part in it. And answering your question, to communicate with God you do not need a language, you do not need a medium, thats the beauty of the almighty..

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