Tuesday, February 03, 2009

3 Pak women rape a man

Karachi police have registered a case against three unidentified women who allegedly abducted a man and raped him over four consecutive days, and later throwing him near Qayyumabad River in an unconscious state.
The Daily Times, reports about the victim Khalil, a 23 waiter at a restaurant was asked by few women to deliver food at their house as they were facing problems to come daily. He recollects the incident - “I agreed and they told me to sit in the car so that they could show me the house. They gave me a sweet which was laced and once I was at their house, they gave me milk that had a drug due to which I fell unconscious,” narrated Khalil. He said when he woke up he found himself disrobed with the women forcing themselves onto him and torturing him.
According to assistant superintendent of police Asad Raza, the women sexually assaulted Khalil for four days, and then threw him near Qayyumabad river. “His condition is really bad ... his genitals are bleeding and he cannot walk properly,” said Raza. He also reported that the women belonged to rich families of Karachi’s Clifton area so the case might get complicated.

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