Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Is ours a progressing nation? Now, I have my own doubts..
A 4 year old girl was raped and murdered in our national capital today.
The victim, Bhanu, was daughter of a washerman was raped, murdered by strangling, by Daya Ram, a rickshaw puller and here body was found abandoned on Rakesh Marg, Delhi.

I am yet to digest this incident, whats happening to our country and our citizens?? Why are we acting like psychos?? Lets not talk about the rich culture, this is insane and inhuman. Its a matter of national shame !!
What should we do now?? A pink barbie campaign ??

I am an atheist but I can't stop praying -

"So come back as Jesus
Come back and save the world
That's all the future
Of every boy and girl
Come back as Rama
Forgive us for what we've done
Come back as Allah
Come back as anyone"


knavneet said...
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knavneet said...
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Harsha said...

Well the idea behind the prayer was not to make the gods listen to the pitiable situation that we are into, it is rather to show how "helpless" I feel, a silent observer to all mishaps in our country or abroad. We talk about it, comment, discuss or even join a protest campaign, but things are not changing.. our society is deteriorating with every passing day..
Things need to change.. but yea i m HELPLESS.. lemme knw if thrz a way out..

anusha said...

I appreciate your feeling 2wards our country and making people aware of the happenings in India.But just creating awareness is no solution we should bring forth the law that gives punishment to this type of crimes.let the public know the consequences the criminals are facing.each and everyday we get to hear news about rape murder sexual harassment eve-teasing, but very few of them get the justice.
I seriously feel when the news channels are casting this type of crimes they should show the consequences the criminals are facing rather showing the victims family and the pathetic situation they are.
at least this may cause a fear in the public and may stop the incidents to some extent.

Harsha said...

Thanx anusha, but for your knowledge,
in August 2004, a 41-year-old man, Dhananjoy Chatterjee, was executed for raping and killing a 14-year-old schoolgirl in Calcutta. According to the Indian penal code, capital punishment is to be awarded for such offense, but then because of our conservative society and the pace and gaps in the judiciary system it doesn't help the cause..

Kumar said...

After reading this post I was trying to find myself whether I am a believer in GOD or I am an atheistic, I could not find correct answer for it, will think over it some other time. But still I feel to stop these activities we don't need any campaign or we don't need to pray to GOD to come back and save us.

The only solution to this is the brutally slaughtered all those who so ever are involved in any such activity directly/indirectly, supporting them in any way willingly/unwillingly.

Yes, I know many of you after reading this comment start talking about human right. 'Human right' is the word which is coined by some coward person who has to hide his/her cowardness, so named it with the beautiful word Human's-right. But forgotten the word also includes the word human. I feel the reader's doesn't need any explanation of the five letter word "H-U-M-A-N".

I don't feel sorry in writing this. These days we call teasers, people who pass stupid comments, molester, rapist as national pride, the person who does also feels proud and same the persons around them & other also praise them in same manner. Be it any where in schools, colleges, offices, public places you involve in any such activity you will find huge number of supporter for you.

I would like to sincerely request my dear writer, followers of CnC Blog & all those who are praying to GOD to save us. Please Please stop praying Rama, Allah, Jesus to come and save us because if THEY will be reading your blog & listening to your pray from anywhere THEY also must be feeling ashamed of Them self. Because even if They come, They can't do anything. As They are much more helpless than we call our self. I don't know whether we really are so "helpless".

So try to changes our self, our so called modern society in which there are more moral police(in the name of some SENA), coward people(on the name of HUMAN RIGHT activist) ,teasers, molesters, rapists, murderer & very least common people who always call them HELPLESS( I don't know in which respect they are helpless).

It is too long to call it as a comment.But it is my feeling towards the system, the society which I am also part of. I am just trying to find the type/class (which I mentioned above) which I belong too. May be helpless common people or may be the coward people (Human Right Activist).

Kumar said...

We all just by using one sentence - "I am helpless" feeling that we have done with our responsibility.I don't feel we are so helpless as we always think or pretend so.The society is deteriorating but what we are doing just siting in our rooms in front of laptop/TV sets and reading/listening the news and discussing about that news with our family member,friends.There are many small problems which happens in front of us also but we just ignore that thinking its not our responsibility to make that correct or oppose that .One day thats small problem become a big problem and sometime we also get affected by that,only then we realize the seriousness of that problem.Then we start praying from GOD or start thinking for starting some campaign ,and finally when we can't do anything.We just sit quietly just by saying I am helpless.

Harsha said...

Here is one incident.. of a doctor molesting and trying to set his maid on fire :


Anonymous said...

well.. its really sad to learn about these incidents.. i feel the people need some counseling.. they r psychos .. but wat is the reason for this.. its said that empty mind is a devil's workshop .. i strongly feel that a counselling must be done.. n temme frankly..will legalising prostitutism ( i dunno the exact word as vocab is weak!) .. will legalising it be a help.. i mean there r some people wid criminal bent of mind.. may be they can take off their tensions n u know .. such activities can be minimised.. i dunno the consequences of it!!

Harsha said...

@ anonymous,
Well dude, I am not sure if making prostitution legal would solve this problem. Coz even today, its not a tough ask to find prostitutes in any of the Indian cities or towns.

Any when it comes to counseling, whom all to counsel ?? how many ?? where all ??
Sorry to say, but it's an unending list..

Harsha said...

It happened again:

Harsha said...

and again :'(

Kumar said...

Some counseling....What type of couseling do you think these types of people need.There are many good phares to named after every such incidence.Legalisizing prostitution is a solution for stopping the incidence like rape?????? We are advocating to legalise the Prostitution that too for those people whom we ourself are accepting criminal minded.To take our of such person we have such solutions.I am really shameful over the menatilty of our degraded society which has now got such a solution to stop crime.